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Jul 23 16 12:34 PM

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Once again, I would like to post here regarding one of the webcomics I posted about yesterday:

To repeat what I said in my previous thread, Mastergodai's work has infuriated me at points with his crude attempts at humor and stupid moments in the plot. This comic in particular actually came off as somewhat offensive to me for some reason. I kid you not.
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Jul 25 16 2:21 PM

Yeah I can see how you'd find this frustrating. I'm only 13 pages in and I feel like slamming my head against the wall. The sheer amount of sexual ah-hem """jokes""" makes it as if all these characters care about is fucking each other... Then again this is a furry comic so this shouldn't be surprising. But yeah this is starting to piss me off too. I don't know what it is, the fact that this person draws these animal chicks with huge boobs, the fact that the dragon transforms into a bigger version of itself and shields the angry chick from bullets with its breasts, the fact this is a fucking gender bend comic where a guy gets turned into a girl...

Also i have to point out a huge fucking plot flaw there. The chick that turned our main character "Hawke" into a girl has magic right? The fact that she can use magic is firmly established. Then after they get the guy they're hunting she suddenly doesn't have magic saying that its "already sealed away" and she can only turn Hawke back into a guy if he goes across the galaxy and hunt down the ten pieces of a dumb ass stone to get this bitch her magic back. WHEN WAS HER MAGIC SEALED AWAY? Was it already sealed away before the events of this comic even took place? The Daffy Duck looking chick who shows up definitely makes it seem that way. What the fuck is even going on.

I'd write a review but I'm concerned my baby sisters might look over my shoulder and see this crap and I don't feel like destroying their young innocent minds.

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Jul 26 16 3:16 PM

YinPolar wrote:
I'd write a review but I'm concerned my baby sisters might look over my shoulder and see this crap and I don't feel like destroying their young innocent minds.

Whoa. In that case, you must shield them from that rubbish at all costs!

Oh, that reminds me, (correct me if I'm wrong) I thought I heard someplace that Mastergodai has two sons or something like that. I'm seriously hoping they haven't seen a single drawing of his.

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Jul 27 16 3:24 PM

Just the art alone tells me that this should've been a porno.

All of Katbox should've been a porno.

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#4 [url]

Jul 27 16 3:55 PM

My theory is that cheesecake can be less about simple pandering and more about a cynical marketing strategy. Think about it: on the one hand, if you go full-blown porno, you might draw in readers, but you might drive away others (minors on PCs with parental controls / NSFW filters) as well as most ad providers. On the other hand, making your comic squeaky clean may make it apparent that you have no real writing talent, so good art or not, there isn't going to be much to keep people coming. So what you do is combine both, in order optimize your potential viewership and pander to as many people as possible without crossing the line into full-blown porn, ensuring you don't get in trouble with the ad providers. Your readers will be too distracted by tits to notice anything else about what's happening.

But that's just my little theory.

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#6 [url]

Jul 29 16 8:52 AM

Oh yeah, and notice how every female character in the comic is sexualized to some degree! Same goes for Mastergodai's other webcomics Rascals and Project Zero.

The only other character I think I've seen of his that was even remotely something other than "thin with big boobs and hips" was a brief minor character from Rascals that was zaftig. It was mentioned that she was dumped by her boyfriend for getting "too heavy for him", but she brushes it off, proudly declaring that she's got "some good p***y under this gut"...

It doesn't take a genius to make this observation, but (unless, or even if, he resorts to something potentially offensive for "comedy") abundant sexiness gets rather dull after a while.

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