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Oct 9 16 12:31 PM

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I just found this webcomic that's authored by a special snowflake Tumblr user who thinks she's a fariy called Start Without A Name or SWAN for short. Here's the author's description of it:
SWAN is my webcomic!!! It centers around Keira, who is a faerie who can control metal, as she tries to hide that fact from her newly-acquired friends and simultaneously use her unique powers to save the world from an impending robot apocalypse, all the while trying to ignore the shadow demon on her shoulder constantly trying to convince her to return to earth and kill everybody who made her life hell growing up. You can read it here!!!!! (also follow the twitter psst)
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Oct 9 16 1:09 PM

Doesn't seem too bad so far, but it still seems too new to judge yet.

First chapter was pretty good at establishing the main character and her relationship with her mother and the rest of town, and while she is kinda bitter, it seems somewhat justified by how the town reacts to her weirdness (as it is established that they are not 100% aware of the full extent of her powers.)

As for her and her mom, I think it was pretty good at "show don't tell". You can kinda see part of her problem with everybody is about how they overwork her mom.

Then again, as I said, I think it is a bit early to see its shortcomings? It'd be good to keep an eye on it and see where it goes.

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