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Aug 31 15 1:40 PM

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So, I found this on listed 102nd in their top 200 comics for august. The cat claimed he was adorable, the title promised weeb shite. 

It's boring, bland and mostly terrible. it's about a vaguely psychotic sentient ginger cat named Neko (Yes, they called the cat, Cat) who does very little and still has misadventures and a group of teens, maybe? I think they might be grown adults, it's hard to tell, who also do nothing.  

There's never any background art, even when the gag at hand would require it. The people are off-centre and when not copy-pasted, change drastically from scene to scene. also, this couch    The hands look like mittens, in every scene. The art does get better, but slowly... 

 A lot of strips use 3 panels where only two would be needed, and it's not to adhere a consistent set of panels, since they use two, and often more earlier on and later.  The colouring is strange and inconsistent, and it;s not always coloured either.  

There's a couple of story arcs but it's mostly a gag a day thing, but the jokes mostly fall flat and suck in general.  

Some highlights are


...and now that I've written this all out, it's gonna be awful on purpose.

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Sep 2 15 10:29 PM

Oh god, I remember this one. I stopped reading around when the author started posting captioned pictures of his cat and calling them updates. Should have stopped a lot earlier in hindsight though, it's full of overused cat jokes and *~~RANDOM LOLZ~~*. Pretty sure the main human character is a self-insert too, and a whiny one at that.

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Jun 13 17 3:24 PM

It's boring, occasionally awful, but mostly I'd call it mediocre. On the other hand I'm so mentally exhausted from reading it I can't come up with a reason for you not to review it. The whole thing is like a crime scene where comedy was tortured to death.


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