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The Hotel - An Edge-Lord's Creation

​The Hotel is a webcomic made by AbyssKing/PuppetPrince. It's about a robot named Hero (real creative) who got fired for... let's say he grabbed a guy by the neck. Why is he just fired for committing a major crime that can send your ass...

Author: waifuman Forum: The BWW's Most Wanted List
04/26/17 22:23:59

Arthur The Tomboy Girl (I'm just as confused as you are)

I...I don't know what to say... ​Folks...this one's bad. Like, Sonichu bad. ​Horrible art, nonsensical story, terrible grammar, characters no one will like, hackeneyed pacing. It's just bad. ​See for yourself:...

Author: Jacob Jones Forum: The BWW's Most Wanted List
02/18/17 22:29:54

Neko's House

I felt like this needed sharing, since it's bad, if not the worst, and without a doubt the most obscure webcomic/webcomic site I know: Neko's House. The site itself, which hasn't been updated since 2011, actually has several comics, all...

Author: Streetbacon Forum: The BWW's Most Wanted List
01/19/17 18:59:17

Crash Bandicoot Retold (Zoroya's Revenge 2.0?)

So, uh; Remember Legend of Spyro: Zoroya's Revenge? Yeah, that was a nice bashing for many childhoods and for us. But it seems that the Deviantart gods aren't done yet, they want to make everyone beg for their mercy like the cowards they...

Author: Jacob Jones Forum: The BWW's Most Wanted List
01/14/17 04:06:32

Battle Action All Stars

Well, looks like i've got the first bad webcomic sighting of the new year. Let it be a memorable one please! So, Battle Action All Stars. This has been on my radar for a little while now, and I think might be the perfect time to explain...

Author: Jacob Jones Forum: The BWW's Most Wanted List
01/01/17 06:47:27

Statist and Anarchist

Politics! They make for interesting videos, heated discussions, fear mongerers from all sides and awkward moments at the dinner family table.  So, answer me this question...Why the hell do pretty much all political webcomics suck? You're...

Author: Jacob Jones Forum: The BWW's Most Wanted List
12/17/16 06:33:08

Tina's story really needs adding to the bad comic list.

Where to start? A badly drawn furry comic based on an equally bad furry fiction story involving an anthropomorphic poodle woman and a middle aged human man that meet and screw like teenagers. The story and plot is owner by an elderly man...

Author: the all seeing eye Forum: The BWW's Most Wanted List
10/01/16 13:52:11


So, Fringy. Anyone ever heard of him? He's a YouTuber from Australia who's managed to make a decent sized fanbase for himself, (As of now having around 17,000 subscribers) creating videos varying from gaming to politics. He's also...

Author: Jacob Jones Forum: The BWW's Most Wanted List
08/28/16 05:35:23

MAG-IS - An Animu Comic about Demons and Angels

(Moved because of silly form choices)Browsing the interwebs for some low hanging fruit I came across this egregious mess of a wannabe manga. Rather than being just the typical generic story it tries to be edgy and deep and complex....

Author: ArchivalMelon Forum: The BWW's Most Wanted List
08/18/16 23:43:09

City of Dream

So I was going to post an update on the status of my webcomic when I discovered a webcomic called City of Dreams. I looked at two pictures of it and oh god, it is some of the worst art i've seen. Combine it with a story that makes no...

Author: Jacob Jones Forum: The BWW's Most Wanted List
04/17/16 22:25:36

My Name Is Alice

I'm pretty sure you've all heard of Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland. Y'know, that remake that did wonders in the box office; made the story even darker than it already was and recieved a mixed reception when it was released and are...

Author: Jacob Jones Forum: The BWW's Most Wanted List
02/06/16 21:07:15

The New Jenffer's Show

I just stumbled onto this.....oh my god, it's absolutely atrocious. Just...just look at it. Words cannot say how bad this is, the story is all over the place, the characters have no...

Author: Jacob Jones Forum: The BWW's Most Wanted List
11/23/15 21:54:32

Kirby Krisis: Sonichu Meets Powerpuff Girls Doujinshi

For those of all unaware, Kirby Krisis is a deviantart  crossover webcomic, similiar to the likes of Powerpuff Girls Doujinshi. Now, what IS so bad about it, you may ask?  Well, see for...

Author: CommanderBeanz Forum: The BWW's Most Wanted List
01/19/15 17:48:59


Others have already wanted to post a review of Karbo's infamous giantess vore comic, Felarya. Some samples here: The manga series can be purchased in PDF format here:...

Author: Demonsplitter Forum: The BWW's Most Wanted List
02/13/14 20:01:22

To-do List

Comics currently being considered for reviewing. This list will err on the side of review it now bitch. Check out any that catch your interest, we need reviewers. When you finish a review, please post in this thread to notify the general...

Author: MakarovJAC Forum: The BWW's Most Wanted List
09/21/13 02:17:12