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sparkle care hospital

     There's one art style that's extremely popular on tumblr lately, and I have no idea how anyone likes this shit. They're trying to make their art ugly, super bright and eyestrainy as a throwback to shitty early 2000s deviantart...

Author: orangejuice Forum: The BWW's Most Wanted List
04/23/17 23:11:19

Tina's story really needs adding to the bad comic list.

Where to start? A badly drawn furry comic based on an equally bad furry fiction story involving an anthropomorphic poodle woman and a middle aged human man that meet and screw like teenagers. The story and plot is owner by an elderly man...

Author: the all seeing eye Forum: The BWW's Most Wanted List
10/01/16 13:52:11

Floraverse/Forbidden Flora

I'm a longtime lurker, but never really saw the need to post, until I saw a bunch of people on other sites ask why Floraverse and it's spin-off, Forbidden Flora, didn't have pages here. I took a look here and saw an old forum post about...

Author: Tenko Forum: The BWW's Most Wanted List
09/08/16 01:06:19

Ren and Jay

Darren and Jason is truly a work of art. Assuming you're gay, furry, and are about as kinky as Oprah's hair. Otherwise, it is a slough of awkward writing, sex, stupidity, sex, and half assed art... of sex.  Please. Feast your eyes. 

Author: gaytorade Forum: The BWW's Most Wanted List
06/05/16 02:12:34

Tinas Story (NSFW)

This is far from the worst thing that FurAffinity has going on, and it's even far from the worst webcomic out there. But Tinas Story [sic] is a four-panel comic featuring the romance between an anthro poodle and a (spoiler alert)...

Author: Cicadetta Forum: The BWW's Most Wanted List
04/24/16 15:53:31


Rascals Prepare your college courses/ninja stars ladies and gentlemen; we are officially going to hell. Rascals was made a by a black guy who’s part of’s staff. The comic itself is glorified cheesecake porno, and it has been...

Author: WinTheCritic Forum: The BWW's Most Wanted List
04/17/16 05:39:54

Prequel -or- Making A Cat Cry: The Adventure: The Adventures Of Katia Managan

Alright, show of hands- who else thinks it deserves an entry?

Author: Parquet Forum: The BWW's Most Wanted List
02/04/15 03:51:40

Request: Original, X-rated House of LSD series

Could someone help me find an archive of the original run of House of LSD, before the softcore rewrite?

Author: smoothj Forum: The BWW's Most Wanted List
01/03/15 18:58:20

Order of the Black Dog

Original post by eekee I've been seeing adverts for Order of the Black Dog lately, proudly subtitled "A science-fiction horror webcomic from the author of Concession." I haven't read the comic at all, but just seeing the advert every day...

Author: MakarovJAC Forum: The BWW's Most Wanted List
09/22/13 02:19:22