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The Hotel - An Edge-Lord's Creation

​The Hotel is a webcomic made by AbyssKing/PuppetPrince. It's about a robot named Hero (real creative) who got fired for... let's say he grabbed a guy by the neck. Why is he just fired for committing a major crime that can send your ass...

Author: waifuman Forum: The BWW's Most Wanted List
04/26/17 22:23:59

Neko's House

I felt like this needed sharing, since it's bad, if not the worst, and without a doubt the most obscure webcomic/webcomic site I know: Neko's House. The site itself, which hasn't been updated since 2011, actually has several comics, all...

Author: Streetbacon Forum: The BWW's Most Wanted List
01/19/17 18:59:17

Craving Control

I've heard of this webcomic from The Webcomic Relief. TV Tropes article: The comic: [url=The comic can be seen here: [url=It can be seen here:...

Author: Donkeh Forum: The BWW's Most Wanted List
11/24/16 01:27:08

Tina's story really needs adding to the bad comic list.

Where to start? A badly drawn furry comic based on an equally bad furry fiction story involving an anthropomorphic poodle woman and a middle aged human man that meet and screw like teenagers. The story and plot is owner by an elderly man...

Author: the all seeing eye Forum: The BWW's Most Wanted List
10/01/16 13:52:11

Role Playin Gamer Comic I was going to type up a whole big reason that it should be put on the wiki... but just look at it.  Not only are a handful of the updates not even related to the...

Author: AnonymousStormtrooper Forum: The BWW's Most Wanted List
03/12/14 01:55:04


Others have already wanted to post a review of Karbo's infamous giantess vore comic, Felarya. Some samples here: The manga series can be purchased in PDF format here:...

Author: Demonsplitter Forum: The BWW's Most Wanted List
02/13/14 20:01:22

Zonoya's Revenge The art in this comic is fantastic, although the characters and story leave a lot to be desired.  You'll probably only understand several of the elements in the comic if you are a Spyro...

Author: at4w4ever Forum: The BWW's Most Wanted List
01/27/14 15:06:12