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Mosquito Girl

Mosquito Girl is a webcomic created by someone named 'Twelve' and tells the story of a girl named Aleska and her never ending journey to win the heart of Rufus. ​This isn't the worst comic per-say, but there are lot of problems. The art...

Author: Jacob Jones Forum: The BWW's Most Wanted List
11/13/16 00:25:36

MAG-IS - An Animu Comic about Demons and Angels

(Moved because of silly form choices)Browsing the interwebs for some low hanging fruit I came across this egregious mess of a wannabe manga. Rather than being just the typical generic story it tries to be edgy and deep and complex....

Author: ArchivalMelon Forum: The BWW's Most Wanted List
08/18/16 23:43:09

No Manuela, Don't Disembark!

No Manuela, Don't Disembark to put simply is like Chesire Crossing. It's compentently written, but the art is just bad. In this case, the art is  some of the most lifeless trash i've ever seen. It's inconsistent, stiff and sometimes the...

Author: Jacob Jones Forum: The BWW's Most Wanted List
03/01/16 00:19:38

My Name Is Alice

I'm pretty sure you've all heard of Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland. Y'know, that remake that did wonders in the box office; made the story even darker than it already was and recieved a mixed reception when it was released and are...

Author: Jacob Jones Forum: The BWW's Most Wanted List
02/06/16 21:07:15

Lamb Chop's Read A Long

Anyone ever heard of Lamp Chop's Play A Long? It was that kid's show Sherri Lewis made using her puppet friends, Lamb Chop, Charlie Horse and Hus​h Puppy. It was pretty popular for a while and kids liked it. Then Sherri died and her big...

Author: Jacob Jones Forum: The BWW's Most Wanted List
12/17/15 02:32:25

Dragon Ball Fan Fiction Circle Jerk I think it goes without saying, that a fan fiction of an anime will always be terrible.  Still, this comic has decent traction, plenty of content to pick through, and...

Author: I am a Ghoti Forum: The BWW's Most Wanted List
12/17/14 03:42:27