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Demon Candy: Parallel Anyone remember the BDSM comic Collar 6? I present a comic with a similar premise and similar problems, Demon Candy Parallel The premise: A Canadian teen who is possibly a...

Author: LoverOfBats Forum: "Is This Comic Bad?"
02/22/16 21:18:30

Game Destroyers

(Link) As I mentioned in the forums, this was the first webcomic I ever read. Let me recap a little: It's a comedic sprite comic. The plot goes kinda like this: some guys want to destroy all NES games so they could make their collection...

Author: FernandoLemon Forum: "Is This Comic Bad?"
01/03/16 17:21:51

Supermegacomics The one strip I read was, devoid of humour and made of stickmen -_-Spoiler [+] I can't trawl the archives for a more indepth thing, it genuinely...

Author: Nomstuff Forum: "Is This Comic Bad?"
08/22/15 21:01:20

Blow the Cartridge

(Link) I found this comic and I was wondering, is it really bad? It's a gag-a-day gaming comic, and, while it has some good jokes, it also has very bad ones. The art also has the same problem in laziness as Randall Munroe (but not as...

Author: FernandoLemon Forum: "Is This Comic Bad?"
06/30/15 19:10:11


You know what's funny? Personifications of bibical references that try to be as stereotypical as possible, because that hasn't been done so many fucking times. Enter the Sins series, by =mediumAdam Schlosser....

Author: LoverOfBats Forum: "Is This Comic Bad?"
05/26/15 19:01:41