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Mar 9 14 3:35 PM

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I used to read this webcomic, and I read it a lot. I was quite active on the forums there. Whilst I wasn't dismayed to find it on the BWW, I was confused.

Then, some time later, I read the article again. I considered the points it made in greater detail. The article, along with the fact that TwoKinds had started updating irregularly, made me stop reading it. TK is no longer in my Favourites/Webcomics folder.

Well played.
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Long Tom

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Mar 9 14 8:21 PM

Bad reviews of webcomics (or of anything else) get a bum rap.  Criticisms of such run along the lines of the reviewer is being mean-spirited or jealous.  The reality is, bad reviews are given because some artistic works deserve them.

Take the old comic book Cerebus.  It used to be my favorite, and was pure fun during its first third of its existence.  But then it started going downhill, becoming less fun and more mean-spirited, caused no doubt by author David Sim's divorce from Deni Loubert.  On top of that, David Sim evidently wanted to do high art, even though he was producing a comic book whose main character was a talking aardvark.  Cerebus stopped being fun at all and became utterly pretentious, and I jumped ship along with two-thirds of its original readership by the time of the comic's intended last issue.  There were criticisms of Cerebus in the letters section, but what truly prompted me to leave was David Sim's rude responses to readers who had been with him since the beginning, which I found unforgivable.

I can safely assume you were becoming unhappy with TwoKinds even before you saw the review here.  Two webcomics I originally liked I ended up reviewing here, namely ClosetCoon and Sandra And Woo.  The former, partly because it showed too much male nudity and partly because too many people suddenly discovered they were secretly gay, which caused the webcomic to jump the shark.  The latter, because it had a cute and charming theme, but it wasn't very funny and brought in soapboxing and later made light of animals being violent and cruel.  Like Boston And Shaun, it looked like family entertainment but it wasn't.

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Mar 9 14 9:32 PM

Very rarely, a reviewer here wants to "finish off" a comic via criticism. And it's very rarely for an author to simply pull off the plug after reading our reviews. So far, it only happened 3 times I can think of. Still, an author can either take the good parts of the review then use it for his own benefit. However, it seems like there is a common trait for authors to act in an overly sensible manner.


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