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Mar 14 14 1:23 AM

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Hey folks.

Just something to possibly add to the Goblins review.

THunt has gone MIA and completely radio silent for the last month. No contact from Twitter, forums, his own personal blog, or his Kickstarter project.

No updates, nor any real word on when he'll start up again.

No real help on the fanboy forums, either.
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Mar 25 14 5:01 PM

If it was the review then he has some problems. It said nothing about his comic that hadn't been said before, and it was nicer about it then some. I get the feeling it may be because he drew the "most disturbing" picture he ever drew to go with the blog post when it goes up. Really if this made him cry and panic for a month then he needs to grow some balls and man up. He wants asspats.

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Mar 28 14 5:38 AM

Riffraff wrote:
He's back now. He's says he's going to post a blog about having panic attacks or a mental breakdown or something.

But in typical Thunt fashion, he stated a while ago that he'll put up a post explaining his problems in his blog...and hasn't.

All he's done is post to Twitter. Just enough pain and suffering to whip his dedicated fanboys into a frenzied tornado spewing good will and warm wishes.

He keeps posting these run-on tweets about his breakdown, teasing that a blog post is coming and he'll continue to work on the comic as soon as possible.

Oh, and he's included these into his twitter feed. A sort of visual representation of what his breakdown felt like.

All in all, Tarol is a fucking tease.

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#10 [url]

Apr 4 14 7:44 AM

I think you got the wrong thread buddy. That one doesn't mention us, but this one is about the review:

I have yet to read it... I'll get to it later. I love angry fanboys.

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#11 [url]

Apr 22 14 1:39 PM

Dude is a tool crying hard for attention. He has posted 2 LONG ass posts that he has hidden from non-members whining about Feminist hating him, and random other shit I didn't care enough to read about. Also, this was posted.

Glemp wrote:
Crap - Thunt, put your posts in [hidden] tags as quickly as you can. The last thing we need is the misandry brigade (or fuck, Bad Webcomics Wiki) seeing this. If Thunt doesn't come back on, I strongly suggest that the Mods do it if they have that power.
Thunt wrote:
(Warning: Swearing)

Posting the artwork as soon as I did and jumping into the forum and Twitter with both feet was a huge mistake. I wanted to push this this all behind me and ended up tearing open a wound before it could heal. Anyways, I've written a preblog 'note' that would go at the at  top of my blog post and address a certain situation. These days, I can't tell if something like this is... well...  >:? Is it a bunch of nonsensical bullshit? Does it sound crazy? I don't want to sound crazy. I put in a bunch of jokes so it might sound like I normally do, but I'm worried the jokes are just out of place and just... weird.

But I can't just take the note out, right? I don't want people to associate my beliefs with hers and if my my diagnosis ends up being what I mention in the note, then that'll happen. I think.
I don't think I'll have that diagnosis, really. But it might be something similar. I think it it will be something similar. It's connected to various situations that I go into in the blog and I can't tell if I should be saying them or not. Or if I'm saying them in a non-asshole way.

I've really screwed myself here, guys. I feel like my career is an ice sculpture and it's melting fast and I gotta do something quick. But I can't write this blog. I just tell. I'm on version nine and well...

Pages    0    37
Words    0    19102
Characters (no spaces)    0    86942
Characters (with spaces)    0    105566

And I think I might've written 37 pages of nonsense bullshit, you guys. I don't want to say "oh it's nothing" because then everyone will be mad, thinking I just didn't want to work. I don't want to to go on too much about what's wrong or say too many details, because everyone will think I'm trying to whine for attention and be all theatrical. And I'm trying to make the whole thing sound like I'm my usual, goofy self but... I can't tell if it looks like I'm trying too hard. I can't remember how to be me and I'm watching everything I do, to try and fake it. But I can't tell if I'm getting away with it.

There. You see that? That's another problem with this shit. Every single thing I'm dealing with sounds like a fucking line out of some 14 year old emo girl's poetry book. "I can't remember how to be me"?? Are you fucking kidding me with this shit?!

(Note: I know this is all whiny and melo-dramatic.  :meh: )

Anyways, here is the preblog note. Please don't repost it anywhere else for now. If it ends up on the blog, then it's fair game. I just want an honest opinion on how you guys think I should proceed with this thing. After some time passes and I get some feedback, I'll remove it from the forum.

Preblog Statement Regarding Twitter and PTSD

As this wildly long blog post will explain, I have… ‘something bad’ going on with the inside of my head. That ‘something bad’ surfaced during work stress and since I’ve been working on the internet, that stress largely formed while dealing with things that started on Twitter and other online communication. I’ve taken the first steps toward diagnosis and medical help, but right now I don’t know what I have. I know what I don’t have, though. I don’t have Twitter induced PTSD. How do I know this? Because it’s fucking Twitter.
After some reading and discussions, it seems that sure, the medical definition of PTSD can include a wide variety of causes. Some of those causes can be things that most people consider harmless, but might be considered traumatising by the PTSD sufferer. So from my largely uneducated point of view, and on a technical level, it seems like it could be possible to get PTSD or some other trauma induced condition from online interaction, if it’s connected to something really nasty. Honestly, I don’t know much about this and I don’t want to pass too much judgement one way or the other.
So if you or someone close to you is dealing with PTSD that stems from a non-violent/non-tragic source, I don’t care what that source is. It could be Twitter, your credit rating or because you never get to be the ‘shoe’ in Monopoly. I’m not going to judge you because you have a diagnosis that I don’t understand. I know a lot of people are going to read this blog (or part of it. It’s like… really long) and judge me pretty harshly. So I understand how shitty it feels. I don’t want to get in the way of whatever love and support you might really deserve while you get through your situation.
Now, after hiding from the internet for about six weeks, I started to nervously tip-toe back online where I discovered an individual who was claiming to suffer from ‘Twitter induced PTSD’. Now while anyone could spend 30 seconds on Google and find out who I’m talking about, I’m going to refrain from using her name anyways, since I really don’t want to add to the people contacting her and saying things she’d rather not read. (EDIT: She’s recently started a donation drive to support PTSD and I’d like to link to it. Since the drive explains all about who she is, there’s really no more point in withholding her name.)
“But Tarol, why even bring her up? Why not just say nothing?”
An excellent and reasonable question, ‘hypothetical voice of no one’. Let me just explain my feelings on the matter and then I’ll answer it at the end of this segment.
Now let’s keep it real here. When I say “I don’t have Twitter induced PTSD”, what I really mean is “I’d BETTER NOT have Twitter induced PTSD”. I’m not a doctor and for all I know, my diagnosis will be ‘Inability-To-Spell-Pshyckosis’ Psychosis. So even though I honestly don’t think I could have it and the whole thing seems silly and almost impossible, the severe PTSD symptoms I’ve read online seem to match my situation pretty closely. Then again, WebMD once diagnosed a sesame seed caught between my teeth as colon cancer, so I guess we’ll just wait for an actual diagnosis. One doctor has said that one of my symptoms (large amounts of guilt) was not often associated with PTSD, but some of my other symptoms were. He didn’t actually say “It’s fucking Twitter!”, which would have cleared a lot of things up.
There is still a whole line up of things that I could be dealing with. Panic Disorders, Anxiety Disorders, Depression, chemical imbalances, a radioactive spider bit me… And if it is PTSD, it’s more accurate to say it’s been induced by other situations that happen to have been brought to light online. Okay sure, Twitter plays a big role, but it’s not like it’s the star of the show! We’re talking about an ensemble cast!

It’s like… if the causes for this ‘mind scariness’ of mine, were the TV show ‘Firefly’, then Twitter would be Book. Y’see? Book isn’t the main character, so he can’t be the cause of my... no, wait. Facebook would be Book, of course.
Twitter would be Wash. No, who am I kidding, Wash is so totally Yahoo.
“This is a fertile land and we will thrive. We will rule over all this land and we will call it... This Land.”
Yup, that’s Yahoo.
Could Twitter be Kaylee? Yeah, maybe if… unless... is she Pinterest? Hmmm, let’s see…
“Look at the pretties!”
“No, it's shiny! I like to meet new people, they've all got stories.”
“You don't seem to be lookin' at the destinations. What you care about is the ships, and mine's the nicest.”
“[pointing to a pink frilly dress] Say, look at the fluffy one!”
“Don't you just love this party? Everything's so fancy and there's some kind of hot cheese over there.”
I don’t know, I’m still not convinced that Kaylee is…
“[Sits on her bed, eating finger foods, listening to classical music and staring at a fluffy dress.]” ALRIGHT! Fine! Kaylee is Pinterest.
But then who the hell is Twitter? Simon is obviously WebMD, Zoe…Amazon (heh).
Inara? Could Inara be Twitter? Well Inara is a companion, so… DAMMIT, Tarol! Don’t be such an asshole! Inara Serra is a capable, strong woman and NOT an example of sexual objectification! So… Wait, no. That’s not what companions are about at all. Yes, they provide sexuality, but that’s not the point of it. As a companion, Inara is smarter than you, offers support and information and she helps you get to where you’re going in life if you’re lost, but only works when she wants to andOHMYGOD INARA IS GOOGLE! It makes perfect sense! Also, if Inara had married Capt. Reynolds… Well that would've sucked. Damn, that might have ruined the whole show.
So… I guess that makes Capt. Reynolds, Youtube? At least I think he’s Youtube. He disables comments…
“[Book] Captain, do you mind if I say grace?”
“[Reynolds] Only if you say it out loud.”
He regularly picks fights with large groups of unified people…
“[Reynolds] Wha? I didn't start it! Just wanted a quiet drink.”
“[Zoe] Funny, sir, how you always seem to find yourself
in an Alliance-friendly bar come U-day, looking
for a ‘quiet drink’.”
 And oh yeah, I once saw his naked ass even though I didn’t want to. There’s no doubt about it, Capt. Tightpants is Youtube.
Saffron is Tumblr, that’s easy.
River is… um… what the hell is River?
“The human body can be drained of blood in 8.6 seconds given adequate vacuuming systems.”
Hmmm, I’m still not sure what she is.
“I remember everything. I remember too much. And some of it's made up, and some of it can't be quantified, and there's secrets…”
Damn, this is a tough one.
“I don't belong... dangerous like you. Can't be controlled... can't be trusted.”
Um… hmmm.
“No power in the 'verse can stop me.”
I’m sorry, I just don’t know...
“I threw up on your bed.”
OH! 4Chan! Duh!
So I guess that leaves Jayne as Twitter. Which makes sense, I suppose. He almost always talks in less than 140 characters...
“Boy, it sure would be nice if we had some grenades, don't you think?” (69 characters)
“We're gonna explode? I don't wanna explode!” (44 characters)
He ‘retweets’ things...
“Shepherd Book once said to me, ‘If you can't do something smart, do something right.’” (86 characters)
He gets blocked by other accounts for trolling...
“[Jayne] You don't pay me to talk pretty. Just because Kaylee gets lubed up over some big-city dandy doesn't mean…” (108 characters)
“[Reynolds] Walk away from this table. Right now.”
He ‘tweets’ about his food and drink...
“Mmm. They call it Mudder's Milk. All the protein, vitamins and carbs of your grandma's best turkey dinner, plus fifteen percent alcohol.” (138 characters)
And finally, when he gets a lot of followers, he lets it go to his head and annoys everyone with an over inflated ego.
“[Jayne] No really Mal, I mean maybe there's something to this. The mudders, I think I really made a difference in their lives. Me, Jayne Cobb.” (135 characters)
“[Reynolds] I know your name, jackass!”
So the point I’m trying to make, is that Firefly was fucking awesome. Wait. No. My point was… Jayne’s hat… um… no… Oh, Twitter! That was my point!
You can’t get Twitter from PTSD.
Wait, that’s not right. DAMMIT JOSS WHEDON! You screwed me up again! You do this to me EVERY time!

Really though, I can’t imagine my diagnosis being PTSD. I simply don’t believe that I’ve been through the kind of trauma that can cause that disorder.
So after all of this, after going on about how it seems impossible, what if it turns out that I actually do have TweeTSD? What if that’s what all this memory loss, waves of terror and panic are about? What then? What if a doctor were to diagnose me with… hell, what if a hundred doctors were to… no, screw it, what if The Incredible Hulk were to come bounding up my driveway, kick in my fucking door, grab me by the ankles and bash me on the floor like he did to Loki, then show me his doctorate that says “Dr. Bruce Banner”, point at me and say “TweeTSD! HULK DIAGNOSE!”. What would I do next? Besides recovering from my disorder and bleeding on my floor, what would my responsibility be?
Well personally, I would make sure that my PTSD doesn’t in any way belittle, downplay, disrespect, or otherwise hinder those dealing with PTSD stemming from violent trauma. Because honestly, if I am diagnosed with Twitter induced PTSD, and you’re someone dealing with PTSD brought on by being shot at, blown up, tortured, raped… you know, actual horrific stuff that I really can’t imagine… well... well how could you not find my diagnosis offensive? I feel like you could just punch me in the damn face if you want. I’d understand. Seriously, I won’t even be mad. And if you chose not to punch me in the face? I would sincerely thank you for that.

“So you lost your leg to an IED?”
“And that’s the IED that killed your best friend?”
“No, that was a week earlier.”
“Ah, I see. And now you have tinnitus ringing in your ears constantly? A piercing, high pitched whine that never, ever, ever stops?”
“And so you have PTSD?”
“Yeah, I hear ya. I’m in the same position you are, man. I got PTSD too, except mine was from someone tweeting mean things to me!”
“Yeah! And some of those mean things? Retweeted! Like… SIX TIMES!
“ … “
“And then… and then… um…. this one time? ...There was even caps lock? ...And… um…”
“ … “
“Um ...thank you very much for not breaking my nose right now.”
“You’re welcome.”

So does this mean that people with non-violent, trauma induced disorders should be mocked or disbelieved? Hell no! If you offer them anything, it should be support and understanding.
So to Melody, I would like to offer you that support and wish you all the best. Since I’m in no way an expert, I’m personally going to go with the belief that whatever pain you’re going through is real and valid, and that any outside person who’s directly minimalising your disorder is acting like an asshole. I have an idea of how much it hurts and I’m sorry it’s happening to you.
But continuing in that moral direction, I’d be a hypocrite if I didn’t say that you seem to be doing the exact same thing yourself, when you strongly insinuate that your disorder is not only equal to, but more important than that of soldiers with PTSD because of “higher statistics”. And then to say to them “you need to educate yourselves”? And contacting their commanding officers in attempts to actually damage their careers?! Really?!
Listen, some of these people have repeatedly done what you or I might not have the courage to do once. Whether we agree with the politics behind it or not, these individuals have risked their lives for the benefit of people they don’t know. Even if you genuinely have PTSD that was genuinely induced by online, social media, you have to recognize what a massive slap in the face that might be to them. But the way you’re handling this is making things harder for them and why on Earth would you ever want to do that?
And not only are you possibly hurting the PTSD sufferers before you, you might be hurting the ones who are diagnosed after you. Because when I discovered your situation online and saw the stigma you were creating, I dreaded my potential PTSD diagnosis even more than I had before. I don’t want this image of the disorder that you’ve created, applied to me. I don’t want the things that you’ve said regarding the disorder to be mistaken for things I’d ever say.
Because if I’m wrong about what I’ve been saying and I AM diagnosed with it and I find out that yes, all it takes to break me on this level, are a few assholes on the internet. Well that’s… that’s so far beyond humiliating.
I mean, it’s fucking Twitter. ...Does that not bother you? I realise that’s a very rude question to ask, but I’m asking not as an outsider, but as someone who’s looking the potential of that diagnosis in the face. And it bothers me. It terrifies me.
IF I am diagnosed with a trauma induced disorder and IF I learn that it’s caused by online social media, I’m getting the HELL off of Twitter. Now of course, you can handle your diagnosis how you want and honestly, maybe it means you’re stronger than me. Obviously, you’re strong enough to stand up to people and that’s awesome. But whether you meant to or not, you’ve pointed that strength at the wrong people. We’re not comparable to military personnel and others who have been through serious trauma. We weren’t defending our country or fighting crime or putting out fires, Melody. Our disorder was caused by activities that could easily be done while sipping hot tea and wearing fuzzy slippers.
If I want to have any hope of repairing the bulk of the damage that I’ve done to my career in the last two months, I have to explain to my readers why I’ve disappeared. And that is why I’ve added this segment to the top of my blog post, Melody. Because you’ve spoken out not just for yourself, but as a representative of this type of disorder. So now I’m writing this to explain that you do not represent me and that I don’t share your beliefs. Here is what I do believe…
This is not something I’ll ever hold up in an effort to validate my opinions or wave at people online when they make me feel bad. It’s not a title, it’s not a trophy, it’s not a shield and it’s not a soapbox. It’s a disorder. It does not strengthen or weaken the validity of my ideologies and beliefs.
As far as your condition is concerned, I honestly wish you all the best and I admire all the successes you’ve had while working toward recovery.

Thunt wrote:
(Trigger warning: r-word is mentioned a LOT and vaguely described)
(Warning: Swearing)

The response from the picture was bad. I saw a a few forum threads and got a bunch of emails about how I "identify as a woman" or I have this list of weird fetishes and stuff. Or how it's this sick victim card thing. And it's rape glorification. None of this is true, of course. I should never have drawn that fucking picture.

Anyways, this is a condensed version of the main reason for what's going on, that's been slightly edited to make a bit more sense, here in the forum. It's written in a weird and clumsy way, I know. Don't worry about typos or spelling, etc. What I'm hoping to know is, does it go too far? Am I way out of line? I feel like I have to air this stuff out, but... what do you guys think? Just keep it to myself?

Again, I'll take this down after some time and feedback and please don't repost it anywhere.


-Tarol grows up with his single mom, his Nana (grandmother), and his two sisters.
-Tarol is raised under the belief that feminists are the goodguys. They fight sexism. You know... like the Superfriends.
-Teen Tarol learns his mom was kidnapped for 3 days and raped by 4 guys before he was born and realises that for his whole life, he's been watching her get over this.
-Tarol spends his life fantasizing about meeting these men and kicking their asses.
-Tarol has become an adult, who's moral compass is largely formulated around women's rights, a respect for feminism and a deep disgust for rape. As well as an immeasurable respect for rape survivors.
-Tarol asks for his mom's permission to loosely incorporate her story into his comic (with a promise that he'd never, ever tell anyone about it)
-Tarol feels good about himself. He never got to to punch those guys, but he did his thing in his own way.
-Note: Tarol's mom is like a fucking Decepticon when it comes to inner strength. She's beaten the situation better than him and it never even happened to him. The respect he has for her is massive and he looks up to her as an example of what strength is.
-Tarol marries Danielle, also an incredibly strong person.
-So now we everything set up for this fun roller coaster ride... Tarol's childhood, growing up in a house full of women, his sense of self worth based on his moral opposition to rape and sexism. His belief that he is a strong, courageous person, his respect and love for the two people he loves and looks up to (his mother and his wife) and his respect for the Superfriend-like feminists who fight against the evil misogynists and rape apologists.

      Are ya ready? Please keep your hands and feet in the cart at all times. Here we go!

-Tarol tweets a stupid joke about how he needs hypnosis to get laid. It was meant to make fun of himself, but is seen by many as a rape joke.
-Tarol gets a wave of hate mail and sees some blogs written, calling him a rape apologist, misogynist and worse. Many of these people are themselves, rape-survivors, who's opinion holds a lot of weight for him.
-Tarol apologizes in his blog, but doesn't do a great job. More angry emails. Some more blogs. One written by respected author, Jim C. Hines.
-Tarol panics and writes another apology blog.
-This is the permanent end to Tarol's clean record. Periodically, he'll receive an email from a rape survivor, explaining how terrible he is.  Months later, in an online argument with a lady about an earthquake, she calls him "rape-boy". The rape apologist label had apparently bled outside of his comic readers.
-Time passes and a vocal rape survivor writes a post somewhere about how Tarol loves rape so very much. Why did she write this? Because (by her own admission) she'd seen ONE page of his comic. Not-Walter being rescued by Kin and threatening Minmax38. Not-Walter called Minmax38 a "bitch" and said he'd be "dog piled" in hell (meaning attacked and and tortured/killed). Misunderstanding the the page, she thinks Not-Walter is saying this to Kin and thinks "dog pile" means rape. She paints Tarol as a champion of "rape LOL" assholes. Again, her opinion as a rape survivor defaults to hold more weight that it should.
-Tarol freaks out and posts a blog ridiculing her, which was a bad, bad, bad thing to do. Now, Tarol is in a very public battle... against a rape survivor.
-Her tumblr response is reblogged a bunch and Tarol finds himself becoming known for finding rape to be hilarious and awesome, and bullying rape survivors. The kind of man he grew up fantasizing about beating up.
-One of her supporters links her to the Goblins page where Dellyn is smiling and explaining to Minmax about how he rapes Kin and Minmax is laughing about it. She blogs this as further proof of what kind of man I am. She makes no mention of the very next page where Minmax realises what Dellyn is saying and defenestrates him. More reblogs and more blogs written about how disgusting Tarol is.
-Tarol's mom tells him to go public with the reason why there's rape in the comic (Notice how my mom immediately offered to sacrifice her own privacy to help me. See what I mean by strength?) Tarol says no. He made a promise. Maybe one day he'll go public, but it won't be for self preservation. It won't be for the wrong reasons.
-The person blogs that she's gotten she's gotten 4000(I think it was 4000? I can't go looking through the history for this. If someone who remembers these events can confirm, I'd be grateful.) of rape/death threats from Goblins Fans. This is obviously a lie. Not only are Goblins readers generally better than that, but at that time, Tarol just doesn't have the reader base that can make numbers like that happen in the time frame she's claiming.
-Tarol concludes that even if only one person threatened her, it was because of him, and so he's responsible. He publicly apologizes and treats her claim of 4000 as truth.
-Tarol then contacts her and personally apologizes, asking if there's anything he can do.
-She tells him to publicly renounce all his readers as rape apologists and misogynists. Tarol... well... asks what else he can do.
-She explains that she's so stressed, she's shaking and sick. Tarol says he'll write another blog, telling his readers once again to leave her alone (which he then writes). He suggests she step away from the internet for a bit. Go for a walk. Talk to a friend. And says he's happy to talk again if she likes.
-She blogs about how Tarol demanded that she "GET OFF THE INTERNET!".
-Seeing that it is impossible to do anything without this situation continuing to hurt large amounts of rape survivors, Tarol blog-apologizes one last time, accepting full responsibility and promising never to mock anyone on his blog again.
-She responds with calling him and his readers "neck beards".
-she spends the next couple years "hate reading" Goblins and periodically blogging about Tarol's evil.
-Eventually, it sinks in that Tarol was far worse than her. She lied about 4000 strangers threatening rape, which was disgusting. But Tarol, backed that lie up and in doing so, falsely accused 4000 people of rape threats too. Not strangers though, his own fucking readers.
-So now Tarol is known by many as a guy who just loves rape. I mean he just fucking LOVES it, right? And more than once (Well, twice, but that counts as more than once), this image extends outward to feminists he later meets online online. They've heard of him. Not because of a goofy, little comic, but because he's that misogynistic, sociopathic, rape apologist who loves to bully survivors.
-More time passes and the "you're a misogynist" emails trickle in. Sometimes months go by with nothing and sometimes a half dozen of them come on a single day (possibly someone writing a blog somewhere).
-All this time, Tarol's mom has been insisting that he go public about the details of the rape.
-Tarol makes the decision to post the blog explaining what happened to his mom. Worst fucking thing he could have ever done.
-Eventually he realises that he broke his initial promise. He went public with it, not for his mom or to raise awareness about rape in general, but for one reason. To save his ass.

(Now think about this for a moment. My mother, who had actually experienced this, beat it. She got to a point where she felt NO trauma. She never once used it for attention or leverage and not once did she make any forced attempts to identify or validate herself with it. But me... someone who who only HEARD about it... well there I was, using it as a shield and hiding behind it.)

-Tarol feels destroyed. He had established himself as a misogynist, rape apologist, monster... To save himself, he had pointed at his own readers and said "Yup, they MUST have threatened rape" when he knew they didn't... And he'd sold out his mom's experience to protect himself, proving that he was nothing like her. Her, the person who represented strength and honour and he'd vowed to be like.
-Tarol later posts a blog about how everyone he'd ever fought with online ever, was awesome. Yes, you read that right. Desperate for a sense of positivity, he holds up his hands and declares everyone who hates him to be awesome. He compares them to the most awesome person he's ever met... his wife. Because she's awesome.

(As bad as it was to validate every single person I've ever disagreed with, that wasn't my rock bottom for patheticness.)

-Now Tarol craves validation himself. Not from his wife, mom or close friends, because they love him and would say what he wanted to hear. He needs it from an outside party. From someone who's opinion he valued very, very highly. He needs The Superfriends.
-Tarol approaches a small group of feminists online and asks as politely as he can, for recommendations for for feminist literature to read. It's lame, but his hope is that the feminists will say "Oh, you clearly care about women and are in no way a misogynist, rape apologist. You're such a great guy!".

(Yup, that's right. I had fucked myself up so much, I went looking for a pat on the head and a "good boy" from feminists. That, uh... that was bad. But that was still not my rock bottom.)

(Alright, set the the ship for Sarcastic Speed, Warp "Oh Terrific", because this is gonna get really sarcastic)

-Tarol quickly finds himself being called all those lovely things again. But he's going to do it right this time. No mocking, snarkiness or rudeness. Just respect and patience. Tarol thinks that if he is respectful and lets them walk all over him... they'll see that he's okay. Then he can get a pat on the head and get his... um... dignity back? (Yeah, I see the absolute lack of logic here, too).
-So... how can they possibly call Tarol those awful things after all that politeness and respect? Well Tarol learns how! Because he's a troll, of course! A rapey, rapey troll! And the more polite he is, the more it confirms that it MUST be an act! The logic is air tight, too! Y'see, because Tarol is a sociopath misogynist, he has no emotions. Therefore any emotions he displays are obviously some sort of trick! Of course! (I'm not even kidding. Seriously, this was all openly explained to me in the Twitter conversation I had.)
-The more Tarol let's them walk all over him, the more they do it. "I hear what you're saying, but I'm honestly not the things you're calling me." "Aw, the sociopath  kittah is pretending to have emotions! D'aawww!"
-So THEN what is Tarol doing? After hours of politely putting up with their abuse, is he telling them to fuck off and walking away from the computer?No, of course not! He's linking them to his blog that explains how everyone he's ever argued with online is awesome! Yup, that's right! He's calling them all awesome. (Now I know you're thinking "this HAS to be his rock bottom". Nope. We're drilling even deeper. Get Bruce Willis and Steve Buscemi over here, cause we're goin' Armageddon!)
-So the feminists read his blog post that calls them awesome and talks about how amazing his wife is and how much he loves her. So then they see that he's not a rapey, sexist sociopath, right? They apologize and realize that they've been fucking decimating a a guy that for some reason, holds their opinions above even his own and is too stupid to stop exposing his jugular, right? FUCK NO! They see right through that bullshit and notice that it's further proof that Tarol is a sociopath, misogynist with no emotions! "People with REAL emotions don't use their wives as meat shields". Well said, you bastion of equality! Expressing constantly for over a decade about how amazing his wife is, is the lowest form of misogyny! Tarol sure is learning a lot about himself this day! Y'see, he never loved his wife at all! He can't, remember? No emotions! It's explained on Twitter, that he uses her to hide his misogynistic ways by pointing at her and declaring "Oh, I'm a misogynist? #WRONGBECAUSEWIFE!" It makes so much sense, now! The 12 years of caring for each other! The dreading being apart for even an hour! Us being best friends and doing everything together! The marriage! Me taking her last name instead of her taking mine! All sociopathic, sexist tricks!
-For those who don't understand why their words hold so much weight, let's explore the Superfriends comparison. If Lex Luthor calls you an asshole, it's no no big deal. He's Lex Luthor. If he hates you, it just means you're probably a good person. But if Superman calls you an asshole... and then Batman and the Flash back him up... well that'll ruin you! I mean, those guys are awesome! And if THEY hate you... well you MUST be an asshole!
-Well now that Tarol's self image and relationship with his wife had been turned into two smoking craters, the small group of feminists click back though his blog and find the post about how his mother was raped by four men. And yup, you guessed it! It's all lies! ...Apparently. Y'see, Tarol made the WHOLE fucking thing up! WHY would he do that? So he can say this, of course... "You think I'm a rape apologist? #WRONGBECAUSEMOM!" It's all explained to him on Twitter.
-Well now hang on a second... Tarol remembers that his so-called "mother" has a blog where she talks to other rape survivors and writes about her own experiences. He then politely (yup, he's still being polite. What a trooper.  :meh: ) links that blog to the feminists. That's it Tarol! You keep exposing more of that jugular, buddy!
-I wonder how long it'll take them to to declare that the entire fucking blog is... Oh, THERE IT IS! The blog is fake and "obviously" written by Tarol. That was fast! Good work, Superfriends! Well what evidence do they have for this claim? I mean, they're declaring that a rape claim is false! Isn't that exactly what feminists are fighting against? There must be some massive evidence to show it's all an elaborate lie. Well there IS actually. TWO pieces of evidence that simply cannot be ignored. Once YOU hear of this evidence... you too, will understand that Tarol clearly made this all up.
- First, Tarol's "mother" said in her blog, that as a child, he was her "paladin". As one of the feminists noted... "No mother talks that way about their kids". And she knows! Because she said that she's a mother herself! And I'm sure that those kids' self esteem is... AWESOME! But she's right though. No mother says "paladin". EVER! Not even if they play D&D all the time, like my fake pretend mother did.
-The second piece of evidence is IMPOSSIBLE to ignore! Get ready, because I'm going to quote one of the feminists directly... the way Tarol's fake pretend mother's blog is written... "just reeks of male". Hmmm... interesting. Well I say case closed! That shit's faker off brand Twinkies!
-At the time, some Goblins readers who are watching this conversation unfold on Twitter, decide to weigh in. Some of them tweet to the group of feminists and express their anger. And a few of them explain that they are individuals who've actually talked to Tarol's mom. So that should solve the issue, right? The feminists, apologized right? Wrong! Because it turned out that it was just more of Tarol's lies!
-The small group of feminists tweet out that Goblins readers are tweeting angrily at them, and apparently, they're just sock puppet accounts created by Tarol! Especially the ones claiming to have talked to his mother! Those ones are DEFINITELY Tarol! I mean, they HAVE to be, right? Geez, Tarol must keep a small army of extra Twitter accounts ready at all times! And I suppose he has to maintain them as well. Tweeting regularly with varying interests and personalities applying to each account and having those accounts interact with other accounts. You know, to keep the illusion alive. Between this and and the fake blog and then his REAL blog that explains it at length and points to the fake blog... gosh, Tarol sure is busy.
-And what's the reason for this massive operation? Does it get Tarol millions of dollars or something? Oh no, that's right... it's so people won't think he's sexist. Well that is some caramel flavoured plausibility right there!

(Now you might be thinking to yourself "hang on... if Tarol was lying, then wouldn't his real mom kind of flip out when she inevitably saw that her son had this elaborate, very public lie about her? Or maybe Tarol's mom had passed away and so there's no one to get angry. But then wouldn't that fact be brought to light pretty damn quick when someone decides to Google the details?" Well yes, all of that is true. And if you thought it, then you are a fucking emotionless, sociopathic, misogynistic, rape apologist.)

-Alright, so now Tarol has had the the two people he holds in the highest regard, publicly insulted in the worst fucking way. I mean... there is no grey area here. Tarol respects and looks up to his mother and his wife more than anyone on earth. These people are the perfect icons of strength and love in his eyes. And the very purpose of Tarol's connection to them has been severed and replaced by reasons of misogyny and rape. And it's been done by the people that he was raised from birth to support and listen to. Tarol is no longer defending his own image at this point. He's defending his mother's and his wife's. So it's here that Tarol fights, right? No.
-Tarol, fearing another "you love misogyny/rape" backlash, repeats to them that they're awesome and thanks them for their time. That's right. These people said what they said about him, his mother and his wife. ... And he thanks them for their time. He says... thank you.

(There is a line between choosing not to fight, and letting people attack those you love in the name of self preservation. I crossed that line twice. I did it with my readers and I did it again here. This was my rock bottom. From this moment on, it was and is the main thought in my mind at all times.)

Whatever I'm going through starts and ends in my own head. Everyone deals with assholes online and the assholes I dealt with are in no way responsible for my situation.]


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Apr 22 14 4:54 PM

Wow. That is a lot of text. Now usually, I'm not one to ask for a TL;DR, but I can't read more then a paragraph of this whiny inane "I have internet based PTSD, but I don't at the same time' nonsense. At least I think that's what that's about. Good god it's a lot to digest in one sitting.

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#14 [url]

Apr 23 14 9:21 AM

You owe me for this. Double because the forum ate my first attempt at writing this.

Here's your tl;drs

There are two posts.

The first is about PTSD, and about how Thunt thinks his SAD is caused by PTSD, but he doesn't want to say that because its supposed to be something that happens to people who get shot at, and he thinks they'll get mad at him if he says he has it. He then makes some weird firefly references to Jayne as Twitter since he doesn't talk much, and creates a virtual PTSD sufferer who he thanks for not beating him bloody.

The second is a lot longer. It's about how internet feminists made him maximum sad. It started with the standard 'guy makes a joke, it kinda sounds like rape, he must be evil!' overreaction you see on Tumblr 5 times a week, but he tries to respond in the laughable belief that internet mobs can be swayed by such paltry things as 'facts' 'evidence' or 'reasonable argument'.

Because he was raised by feminists in an all women household, and his mother survived a rape before, he was raised to view feminists as 'good'. This leads to a reaction to him similar to the reaction you'd get if Superman cockslapped you and told you you were evil.

He tries to defend himself. This goes in about the way you'd expect, except instead of getting mad he mostly just kowtows and grovels more and more. This continues maximizing his wimpiness and their echo chamber until he points to his mom's blog about rape survivors talking about their stories as proof he wasn't making that part up.

The feminists of course, claim he faked the whole thing, proving not for the last time that people can overlook whatever the hell they want in order to avoid changing their minds. He thanks them for their time, tips his fedora, and goes to cry in a corner.

It was weird to read, because both sides were being idiotic. I didn't know who I was disgusted by more.

Anyways, that's it. Next time, someone else gets to summarize.

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May 8 14 7:51 PM

I'd post it. I have little doubt he will eventually delete it again and I know posting stuff here enrages his legion of ass kissers. In the Hidden section of the forums they were whinging and threatening law suits against websites that posted Thunts whining I posted earlier.

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#20 [url]

May 8 14 11:23 PM

Okay, I read it. Most of it. I skimmed the stupid ass "RPing thing" that was also featured in the last post up yonder. Basically he missed his deadline, and had an anxiety attack over missing his deadline. Then he tried to make the page as good as he though X number of days working on it should look. So this set him back further, and he panicked more and more. For two months. He's decided that he won't be reading most criticisms for the comic anymore since they put him on edge.

All I can say is, well he's kind of a cowardly bitch. I don't care if people lambaste me for saying it. Thunt missed a deadline, freaked way the fuck out, and then kept people questioning his well being for two months. And it's all because he missed a deadline and was unsatisfied with his work. Good god.

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