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Mar 13 17 5:42 AM

No, as far as I know angel has always had a gold tooth, its just more apparent here. When angel was actually interesting she drew him with small needle like teeth and the gold was a nice small detail because when he was in the light you would notice it and go "woah how cool" now due to her wonder over yonder inspiration she draws angel with either a big old smile with gigantic teeth or small needle like ones in her twitter profile pic.

Due to her lack of consistency, she might not draw the tooth every time.

I have to say I really enjoy angel in the reddish tuxedo, I also noticed something, angel doesnt have yellow eyes.. doesnt he have one grey and one dark? She could atleast look at the "reference" sheet she made for angel for the comic thing.

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Mar 13 17 7:29 AM

@Inkmind huh, never noticed all of that, thanks for the info, it's hard keeping up with all her changes.


...You weren't kidding too when you said Angel's eyes were wrong (even though one of the recent speedpaints have them different)
She's really been steadily slipping in her art... And her main 3 (Timber, Angel, Jay) are slowly becoming copies of one another.

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#2563 [url]

Mar 13 17 11:49 AM

And here I was thinking that it was the shape of the mouth. It's so Wander like.
Jesus,that arm he's holding he gun with! It's SO THIN. And short just... the extended arm right next to it,they're completely different!

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Mar 15 17 12:34 AM

Every once and a while I remember this forum is a thing and I pop on over to catch up and throw my two cents in, so once again sorry if I’m commenting on stuff that was said weeks ago. I feel like Viv should have drawn Lego Harley and Joker with ears. I know Lego figurines dont have ears, but since she made them so human like the lack of ears is kinda off putting. Maybe thats just me though.

If she wants to draw sex toys the whatever man, just say the speedpaint is NSFW in the title for gods sake. We had a similar problem where she posted untagged porn on her deviantart or some shit. Tag it Viv!

 I also dont have a problem with the fact that she uses pink. The pink is not the problem. At least its not picking every color in the color wheel for one drawing so it looks like rainbow barf. The problem is the lack of contrast. The pink colors are too similar, so the image is hard to read. Add some contrasting colors or intensify darks. Just make it not be all the same tone and its readability will increase. 

Also @MO (I still dont know how to properly ‘@‘ people on this site) It is not a good thing that Viv has an encyclopedia dramatica page. I really dont think you should have submitted that page. Most people get on ED for faking suicide or cancer or some shit. I really don’t think she’s at that level. Im not gonna comment about the dollcreep incident again because honestly, we dont know what happened. Viv could be lying, dollcreep could be lying, we’ll never know because it happened years ago and we’re not them. Arguing over who created a generic dog character isn’t really on the same level as faking a suicide or scamming people out of commissions.

Also I think the Zoophobia Zootopia part of the page is unneeded. Viv didn’t actually do anything wrong there. If Disney came out with a concept that seemed to have a similar name and plot to my webcomic that I had been working on for years, I’d be a little upset too. Of course, at the time there was no way to know the plots would be completely different. The photo examples are just her worrying that people will forever compare her comic to this Disney movie, and then someone assuring her that they will be different, and that no one will care. I honestly do not see where Viv did anything wrong there.

 Im sorry this is so long MO, but the reason we dont want her to have an encyclopedia dramatica page is because we want her to be better. This forum is constantly looked down upon and had its criticisms dismissed because everyone on here just thinks we’re haters. Making an ED page isn’t going to help Viv get better. In fact, if she ever learns this forum is the reason she has an encyclopedia dramatica page, she’s REALLY not gonna listen to us. I wouldn’t want to listen to critiques from people who bait me on twitter and write ED pages on me.  This forum isn’t supposed to be a place to bully people. Its to critique art from a neutral point of view to help either the artist or people who look up to the artist. Its to help them realize their mistakes and try to be better. There’s a difference between saying that she handled a situation with a fan wrong and making personal hateful posts towards her. If Viv isn’t listening, thats okay. We’ve already had tons of people say this forum taught them techniques and helped fix mistakes they learned from Viv. 

@MO I hope this doesn’t seem too personally aimed towards you, you just happened to write the ED page. The entire forum has kinda gone from art and business critiques to personal attacks lately. I know Viv has been an awful person, but we dont have to be on the same level as her. This is an art critique forum.

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Mar 20 17 11:41 AM

Hi I'm back

I found some of her characters from comic, i know little about half of them


Zill-mysterious creature

Kayla-singer kangaroo

Vanex-not-very-talkative cat who always reads books

Jack-unlucky dog


Cameron-main human in zp


Jacinta(Jackie)-drama teacher

Alanzo-dance teacher

Joyce-dance teacher(?)

Kimberly-math teacher

Naga-Addi mother/art teacher

Malcolm-blind flight teacher

Marx,Hatchet,Fitch-dragon brothers

Damian-dark prince

Major Styx-demon

Tentadora-hell machine/Damian's caretaker

Vetis,Veran,Vespa-hell spirits

Hilda-(?) (probably now in HH)


Narissa-wife of Lucifer

Carrie-beast teacher(?)

Simon-vampires cat (?)

Fabian-looong tail /psychologist at zp

Vinny-Lenny's bro

Camilla-burlesque deer

Destiny-Krisstina's bf/gf



Max & Max-crazy brothers(?)

Sahara-egyptian witch

Rusty-main bully

Hoatzin,Tom,Tam,Lynn,Cara,Christine,Maxine,Jagger-minor bullies


Sasha (human)-have glowing
stick bombs

Sasha (elephant)-unknown

Ink/Nightmare-Jestine's daughter




Addison-gay with fox tail



Venganza-vampire Queen

Bob & Larry-hell residents



Jayjay,Nightengale,Robin,the Queen,Koko,Magpie,Mint,Raven-werewolf gang

(Spam),Niquie,Roxi,Koko,(Jayjay),Mint,Whitney,Dixie,Taxi,Garfield,Dani,Gina,Jaux-"party dawgz"







Mother Angelica-???


Salvia-lady with red hair who explained what Save Haven is

Nathan-drama teacher sidekick(?)


Zimmer-snake guy

Orion-dolphin(?) guy

Quintin-snake guy too

Keiko-doctor assistant(?)




Kestral-farm boy

Elijah/Eiglet-anthro snake


Lenny-JayJay lover(?)


Francesca-vampire business owner

Bambi-vampire business owner too



Olivia-Mac's bully/swan(?)


Kiki-fat hummingbird

Penelope-star avian

Baltimore-star from rival school

Bozzwick-Damian's rival(?)

Margo-McKenzie's adoptive mother



Alastor-probably not canon anymore


Hart & Xavior-gods(?)/villains



Clarissa-probably mother of 5 kids



Chasetopher-zpa doctor


Taylor-Zill's rival




Leeson-christian fanatic

Jill-purple cat who saved Jack in hell

Cierra-Zill's aunt(?)

Alexa-Zill's sister/friend(?)


Lolly Gag-god of lust

Brandi-head cheerleader





Nutmeg-horse-human shapeshifter













Fantasia-Fabian's sister


Over 30 unknown characters

Overall 190 characters

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#2568 [url]

Mar 21 17 3:17 AM


Oh my god, 190? Seriously??? Jesus christ....
Considering there's also the Hazbin Hotel demons and Timber characters, it's going to go over the 200+ count!

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#2569 [url]

Mar 21 17 6:01 AM

@Oblivion well, there's too many characters to fit in the comic. This comic was created as a one, big thing. You CAN'T fit that large number of characters into your story. The best thing for ZP is have one-shots only. It would be more clear and it does not have got a connection between stories.

When I wasn't active here, I've studied storytelling and character development based only on my observations. I need to say, her story dissapointed me. The first pages were quite good, but when she started moving from character to character, it was very bad for her character development. We only know what he/she likes, and a bit of backstory. Some of the relationships seems bad, because Vivienne didn't exlapined their relations. How they meet? Where they meet? What they like to do together? Kayla and Zill's relationship is mediocre. Why? Kayla beated up bully, Zill was surprised of her strength, aby they started to sing together and Boom!-they became a ZPA stars. Whoa, that was the summary of they WHOLE relationship. Well, atleast Jack's backstory have sense, was very well explained, but there was some plot holes, but everything was almost great.

Once I found on her (inactive now) nabyn, that Addi was a experimental rabbit of Xerxine. He was a "failure", because was to be a human/animal hybrid, but he got only fox tail. Aaand here is my questions that still bother me: Who is Xerxine? Why he/she owns Lab? Is that character important? Vivienne didn't draw him/her so this person will be mystery forever.

Next thing:Hazbin Hotel. The upcoming show have people from different eras, but some characters don't match up with them. Vaggie looks like a person form current years and she's pretty grumpy. 80s were very happy years (I'm guessing it, sorry but I'm not from USA) and her personality matches 1880~1910 era.

If something was mentioned earlier, sorry.

Last Edited By: SoftTissue Mar 21 17 6:04 AM. Edited 1 time.

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#2570 [url]

Mar 22 17 7:20 AM

@MO how is that blog relevant to ANY of what we are talking about. The ED page covers old things like the drama with doll which was back in what 2013-2014?!. The zootopia thing could have been mentioned because yes she threw a massive hissy fit over just the name and concept art which shows a child-like thinking she has. However you could have covered one of the bigger, lesser known topics like how, well idk.. TRACED a section of animation from MEMEME an iconic piece of animation. I dont know if you added that because the site is down for me.

also MO.. most of the art on there is fanmade, it has no correlation to Vivienne or her actions. It doesn't prove anything about her, only that her fans are horny teens drawing a 8 foot tall cheetah on top of a supposed zoophobic woman, now she definitely wont trust this forum now she knows she has an ED page about her. We are trying to help her, some of us yes dont like her but we still want to help her.

I remember a large majorty of those characters actually, when I used to be her fan girl I absolutely loved the little vampire Pepper. I actually made a demon OC like pepper and named her Liebe, she will be going through a whole new redesign (full personality and appearance) proccess to be used in a separate project im working on. I still enjoy peppers design however shes all just PINK. Thats her whole design just bubblegum pink. Maybe a nice blue or purple could contrast the pink.

Sasha the centaur was actually used in a seperate project of Viviennes which was actually covered on this blog called the Heart of Kiki she was one of the main characters I believe.

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#2571 [url]

Mar 22 17 3:12 PM

@MO Inkmind said it well. Making ED pages, inappropriate blogs and baiting Viv on twitter is not helpful in any way. Once again, this is a critique forum, not a bullying one. Yes, we occasionally poke fun at Viv's character designs but making fake tweets so she looks like a nazi and posting sex blogs about her characters is way out of line and going way too far. If you want to do that shit, do it on a different thread and please only post your critiques here.

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#2572 [url]

Although the dollcreep stuff is old ,the new "an heros" of her fanbase are popping up more due to being personally or passive agressive publicly attacked by their very own idol just because they offered critique or help.aka the same that happened to dollcreep and the evidence of what she put dc through is a stepping stone to better understand how she treats people with honest critiques. I think thats a matter that should be talked about due to the fact if shes attacking them , shes attacking all us fans that enjoy her work AND honest critiques and those of us that feel we could help her grow. A" no thanks" or ignoring could of been a better reply rather than busting out a novel of "fuck off" to them. So if she sees those friendly little fans offering help as attacks i doubt she's ever coming to this page even if it is good stuff with no MO buggering around being an edgy troll with the skills of a 12 yr old.
However he has the freedome of speach and we can't dismantle it with "stop it" nor is viv fleaing this site just because of him. like how viv can't stop every single critique; we can't stop mo. Let him be that brat in the store trying to act all bad and immature while we continue with the good adult discussions. Let the bugger grasp for straws.

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#2573 [url]

@Bingul Vivienne isnt attacking us if thats what youre getting at, she just wont listen. She has a right not to listen, but just because one person makes an edgy comment or makes fun of her isnt a reason to discredit this forum. Ive gotten so many tips from this forum and its really helped me with my art and im thankful for the blogs too because they've also helped me. Ive gotten away from being another Viv clone and turned my art into something im extremely proud of.

Her fans will always attack others because a majority are fans but this forum or the blogs or even that damn ED page, its about VIV and what shes done. The dollcreep drama is old and done, both have moved on and both have their own talents and levels of success.

Im not saying this place should be a safe space, but straight out bashing Viv is basically counter productive of what we WANT to do. As stated many times on this forum, some of us are fans. Not me anymore, but some. Yes I do sometimes enjoy her drawings aesthetic but im not considered a fan anymore.

The ED page yes should exist and I just checked back on it and saw the update with the stolen animation, thank you whoever added that. The doll creep drama im seeing actually highlights the issue of her not crediting artists when she should, I know she hasent credited much in the past for people who worked on her animations with her.

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#2574 [url]

RickSanchez wrote:
@MO Inkmind said it well. Making ED pages, inappropriate blogs and baiting Viv on twitter is not helpful in any way. Once again, this is a critique forum, not a bullying one. Yes, we occasionally poke fun at Viv's character designs but making fake tweets so she looks like a nazi and posting sex blogs about her characters is way out of line and going way too far. If you want to do that shit, do it on a different thread and please only post your critiques here.

Making fake Tweets is a low blow and just makes the one who did it look like an ass. So please don't do it.
And PS: That ZP Sexcanon blog is just shameful.

Last Edited By: Pink Rabbit . Edited 1 time.

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#2575 [url]

Very true @ both of you.
what was the point of the fake tweets anyway? MO tried to explain that it's a 'what if' but it still made no sence and doesn't belong here.but like i said lets ignore him and his bs, just pay no mind to it. Let's just critique and hope her drama ways tide over, which lately it seems that's been so.shes starting to grasp that drama and her flippy flop emotions doesn't belong in replies to her fans or in her work and the profession which we can see her reaching as long as that stuff stops.Just like how it's not cool mo is being a loser; it's not good if she does aswell and vice versa.
I agree with you inkmind on what you said a few posts back ,that we already covered the most shameful recent stuff like the mememe traceing and her mini hicup fits.
other than that there's not much else to say.thing's have been ok as of late.i still question the "highering great voice actors and others for animation, that's why she needs money" stuff she said in her patron video , when shes still spends a lot of money on many trips and lately in la in fancy places drinking wine? Im sure a lot of that money would of made productions a lot faster. Rather than showing off shes travelling everywhere with it and school depts still due. Other than the slow production and that being said , That's why i haven't been around here much.
Her work has been enjoyable recently and come to think of it, the black,pink and yellow stuff seems mostly for HH where she's trying to make an iconic look or feel for it.that isn't a bad thing. If she were to make it all rainbow it would come off as rainbow Zoophobia feeling, kind of like how Timber concept art and prints are falling into that zp feel.
But a lot is being re-adapted with Zoophobia so we will wait and see.For now all we have are small glimpses into what she is working on in the long run , so I don't have much to say till actual project work comes out not just concept art and prints, or if she's not being the best to her fans. That too has nothing going on right now she's doing fine at the moment with her fans. I can't critique fully yet on tiny things ether like the eye colours switching. There could be explanations in the final project which isn't published. These prints and speedpaints i don't see as official scenes from the final works. it seems like concept art that you can buy prints of. So a lot of playing around and switching things up could occur a lot , and hopefully it doesn't happen in the final comic or animation.

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#2576 [url]

Im saying she was exploading at people offering critique or help in email or msgs , and passive aggressive tweets about them. And it turns out they were very sweet kind fans that had a degree in writing and offered her editting help and she exploaded a novel of text at them stomping out their flame and all these excuses for her mistake and saying their visual art isnt great so why should she listen to them. That happened a while back and thats when i commented on here about it and that it is basically an attack on critics in general cause thats all they were doing. And there were others that got the same reply and even one person had to make a youtube responce cause she was all paranoid and thought they were dollcreep,she also sent gooseworx and faust after people .however lately nothings going on, Is what im saying. she's finally on a good track with not messing with drama i think and i hope she sticks to it. Apparently she needs to travel for vacation 6 times a year cause she needs to relax and stop being paranoid and uptight while pretending to be ok in public scenes. and like you said, needs to stop with the credit stealing habit or remaking characters from popular cartoon movies.

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#2577 [url]

From 06:00 - to - 07:35
She says she "refrences" when its more so over-refrencing to the point its copying and unoriginal. The fabien walking one was heavily refrenced from oliver's adventures as well. So she sees it as simply "refrencing" rather than how she described it out of her mouth, watching another artists work frame by frame and copying all the detail. and wow, now she is apparently tracing.and that cats dont dance one wasn't shown here i dont think, that was the film she won a dusty for thats sad. When she updated her animation portfolio reel i thought she would take the mememe one out because..
Well...its all traced and thats not great on a portfolio .. but she didn't and its still in the reel ,and she still denys tracing and takes full credit .wow.

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#2578 [url]

Bingul well said. I understand your last post now! I haven't seen any problems with her lately, Shes doing well for herself really, proud of her. However he past still remains, she could become such a good animator but what she does remains.

A lot of artists reference but maybe not in the case she maybe does it. She seems to reference old cartoons instead of really taking it from real life. I get it she wants her cartoons to hit that nostalgia factor and make people go "woah she animates like disney so cool!" However I dont think heavily referencing their old cartoons to a point where its EXACTLY like disney and in one case tracing other animators hard work (MEMEME) is the best thing to do, she can certainly reference them as sort of a way to say "how did they make this dogs movements more bouncy and how can I do the same". Her biggest piece of animation is die young. I haven't seen any other film she has done get that attention, its because Kesha by that time was still a fairly popular music artist, it can be argued that she still is now however one cant deny back in 2013-2014 she was still relevant. People saw her animation and thought hey, this looks like disney! then saw her other animations in the recommended and watched them, thats how she draws people in, with her style. Its only natural she would reference these old movies and ones that are close to her childhood.

We dont know if she ever traced any other piece of animation. We do know about the MEMEME however thanks to grace. If we notice we could investigate but this dosent mean EVERY piece of animation she does is traced. As you could see by one video she made she literally showed her process for the christmas time animation. I know I probably didnt need to say that, but you dont know who might take this too far.

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#2579 [url]

I'm not saying she traced the others, however like you said , with the die young stomp stomp and the fabian walk one, its too much alike the originals and once again i agree, like you said she could use it to study the motion but doesn't have to take the whole dance move,postures, same camera shot and all frame by frame. Those animators worked hard to learn all that and here she is "refrencing it all" . There is a fine line between flat out copying and refrencing. When her fans do this "heavy refrencing" using her work as "frame by frame" refrence she calls it copying ..but not what she is doing? So it's ok to copy a clasic film she doesn't even know the name of the one she used for die young, and "frame by framed" cats dont dance in her thesis film that won awards for "skill in animation"... but not her fans doing so to her art? Strange.

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#2580 [url]

It all makes you wonder at this point "what else is heavily refrenced to the point of near tracing?" Cause i never saw a few of these films so i did not know how much her work was recycled animation till now.

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