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Mar 31 14 5:43 AM

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Haven't seen this webcomic mentioned much around the web outside of the authors tumblr and TV Tropes so I thought I'd bring it to light with a curious inquisition on how the forum would view its quality.  Having read random reviews on the main site in my free time for the past 3 weeks or so, I thought I'd give the forum a shot.

I've been told I have a knack for picking good attributes out of things that are complete shit, but this can sometimes blind me to just how AWFUL something really is.  As I love the reviews written here, what better way to get a criticizing opinion than here?

To start off with I have some pros and cons of the comic that I observed myself.

Call this a preference but I find the art rather enjoyable.  The colors are such a mix of bright and clashing that although sometimes it feels cluttered in color scheme it's always interesting.  It's one of the comics I find myself looking at the recent update several times to appreciate the poses and expressions.  Though all the characters do have bendy noodle bodies devoid of bones or joints, I find the style refreshing among all the shiny animu eyes around every corner.  The story seems to also really want to be super interesting.  But there are cons that subtract from it being overly exciting.

Mentioning the story again, it can't seem to decide yet between 'there is something cool going on here' and HIGH SCHEWL DRAMUR.  Which is...distracting.  I often forget that there's some omnipotent being (I think she's omnipotent there is never a lot given about these menacing figures) planning some messed up shit for our frightened little protagonist.  And when this character is shown plotting or what have you it's for such a short period of time that NO information is given on what's going on with her or what's supposed to be happening.  Now, I understand that the comic is pretty new, so maybe it will get more exciting later but often I just find myself questioning; Why?

There are also more annoying but less constant or present cons such as, if Tentadora (the antichrists' bodyguard) was specifically created to watch over Damian (super creative name for the antichrist by the way) why was she built as a boobilicious babe?  This would make sense if Damian was supposed to be incredibly sinful I suppose, but he presents strong dislike for lustful feelings presented for his caretaker because she was, well, his nanny and he knew her since he was a tyke.  So, why is that a thing?  Why is she that sexy?  Is there really a purpose?  It says she lures mortals into sins like adultery so that Hell has more souls to claim but she's never shown doing such and as it is she's such a bobblehead that she can't even keep track of the kid she's supposed to be watching.  I know that if you have a kid to watch you're not going to be doing tons of whoring around.  At least not without sacrificing the care of the child, which was what she was solely created for, so says her character bio.

Also, stop with the upside down crosses as a satanic symbol.  It wasn't originally one and nobody should be pursuing it as such because that only encourages ignorance.

And why are all the hellspawn furries?

Though that isn't all the pros or cons of the comic, it seemed like enough to spur on some conversation about whether this could be considered a bad webcomic or not.  Though I follow its updates (which have been on hold repeatedly because of the Author's college tasks) I would like to hear what the community thinks of it.
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Mar 31 14 7:21 AM

AoratosTheos wrote:
And why are all the hellspawn furries?


Well that explains the title...

Is the Antichrist character here actually portrayed like the Antichrist? As in, is he incredibly charming, persuasive, and basically the model of everything that is evil, in contrast to Christ being all that is good? Cause otherwise, yes, this is probably a story about HIGH SCHOOL DRAMUR but with more evil in it.

I wonder if the author knows that the Bible describes 'the antichrist' as being 'anyone who denies the existence of Jesus and/or God'. Or has actually done the slightest bit of research on the subject. Because according to the Bible, I am the antichrist. As is any atheist. Or any non-Christian.

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#2 [url]

Mar 31 14 7:35 AM

Damian in the comic TRIES to be charming and persuasive but ends up coming off as just another mischievous kid.  Flirting with a girl who rejects him, attending clubs and having friends and just being that good ol' scamp.  In other words, just a bit of a tricky pickle.  There's a couple of instances of evil acts but they seem buried under not so evil intentions.  For instance he locked his cousin in a locker for a whole week.  His cousin is incredibly unlucky and immortal, however he is capable of death.  He just comes back.  So I suppose if we are SUPPOSED to analyze the action, his cousin would die of starvation and dehydration multiple times before being released.  A rather evil deed to commit.  However, it's all because he didn't want his cousin to remind his best friend of his anniversary with his girlfriend so that the girlfriend would get upset and Damian could make his move.

Or something like that.

Apparently the author is 2 cool 4 skewl.

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#3 [url]

Apr 1 14 2:40 PM

Any time I see a comic try to portray the devil or his cohorts in any serious manner, I can't help but compare it to Lucifer since that was probably the most accurate representation of him in any media I've ever been exposed to.
This does not hold up. Though the cartoonish style matches his cartoonish representation, I think I can give it a pass. It just really strikes me as though the artist is trying to copy the hell out of John K's art style. I like it, but don't think it's derivative enough.

I didn't read much of the story, but to me it just seems as though the author did a "Blend element A with element B and make the main character element C" thing. For this comic, it's Hell mixed with High School, and the main character is a fish out of water. Nothing new to see here.

Also, this Is not a jet.
And is that thing dressed in black supposed to be a cross between Lydia (from Beetlejuice) and Gaz (from Invader Zim)?

Last Edited By: izzus Apr 1 14 2:43 PM. Edited 1 time.

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#5 [url]

Apr 1 14 5:05 PM

Another more annoying thing about it is that every chapter introduces a new antagonist with no further explanation on the ones introduced before. There's the seemingly omnipotent figure from chapter 1, some random short bird guy, a vampire queen and some kid from Hell, too. It goes from chapter to chapter without mentioning past characters, specifically antagonists, much at all. But that's only obvious to me since I've read the whole thing a couple of different times. I'm just left wondering if all of this will tie together or if it's just going to keep introducing villains until I forget the first ones.

EDIT:  I think I made a mistake in saying that Jack, Damian's cousin, was able to die at all.  Nevertheless, starving and being dehydrated for a week while stuck in a state of generally alive doesn't sound pleasant.

Last Edited By: AoratosTheos Apr 1 14 5:25 PM. Edited 1 time.

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#7 [url]

Apr 1 14 9:11 PM

We should take in account the following trope. Coloquially, it might refer to a "fast, small personal transport aircraft", which pretty much reassembles what a jet is. Again, this is only a case on how annoying it might be. The biggest flaw with such things are the threshold of disbelief which might scalate up to the point of becoming irrationally absurd. I don't really bat an eye on the case.

Another thing, I love the art. It's true, the guy doesn't really put any kind of effort into re-construct Kricfalusi's art. Still, he seems to be making some effort into keeping them within the boundaries of "cutesy". I have yet to see wether the art falls idiotically into that comfort zone; or the guy can actually take advantage of the sources avialable to them. The characters are incredibly expressive. We do get to see what they are supposed to feel without resorting to stock emotions/poses. it also helps to fight a little bit the Same Face Syndrome to a degree. I have to admit that all girls are different only by hair style and clothing, PLUS expression sets, and their eyes. They are very descriptive of the kind of personality the character might have.

Also, the other basics for art (perspective, composition, proportions) are well kept. I just have some issues with excessive, unexplained illumination. I guess it was too much to properly paint the shadows in the face of a character sitting against the light. She also has this thing with her eyes. It's not properly made, it's just some bright colours with blur put on them. It's not like there was any attempt at playing with the lights & shadows there.


Last Edited By: MakarovJAC Apr 1 14 11:03 PM. Edited 1 time.

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#8 [url]

Apr 4 14 5:36 AM

AoratosTheos wrote:
Another more annoying thing about it is that every chapter introduces a new antagonist with no further explanation on the ones introduced before. There's the seemingly omnipotent figure from chapter 1, some random short bird guy, a vampire queen and some kid from Hell, too. It goes from chapter to chapter without mentioning past characters, specifically antagonists, much at all. But that's only obvious to me since I've read the whole thing a couple of different times. I'm just left wondering if all of this will tie together or if it's just going to keep introducing villains until I forget the first ones.

EDIT:  I think I made a mistake in saying that Jack, Damian's cousin, was able to die at all.  Nevertheless, starving and being dehydrated for a week while stuck in a state of generally alive doesn't sound pleasant.

I just got done catching up on the comic and I do agree that he has an annoying habit of just randomly throwing in "antagonists" without elaborating on them. The figure from the first chapter looks like she will be elaborated on (she's the "goddess" (aspect?) of chaos based on this strip) which was part of the dream that was mentioned in the first comic so clearly the writer has plans for the character. The comic has only had 5 whole "chapters" put out so far and two of them are obscenely short so there's still room for development. The Vampire's minion (the one they captured) for example obviously knows one of the characters so they will (hopefully) give him some form of background. The author IS trying to develop some of the characters and I do like what I'm seeing otherwise. I'd just keep an eye on the comic because I've seen plenty of people torpedo their own otherwise promising comics.

Last Edited By: Basilisk1991 Apr 4 14 5:41 AM. Edited 1 time.

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#9 [url]

Mar 21 15 8:24 AM

There seems to be a lack of information on this thread...
While I agree that the story is more confusing and all over the place than I'd like, the concept has been in development since 2008 (with the final release of the comic being in 2012) so the author (who is a girl by the way, I didn't think that Vivviene would ever be seen as a guy name, heh) has a plan for it. It's gone through a lot of different concepts and changes to end up where it is. It isn't perfect, but the author did also state that there isn't meant to be a "main protagonist". Cameron just happened to be the first one to get the story rolling. The comic is supposed to shift focus and look at many different characters. And while it gets confusing, we are still very, very early on in the comic. Book One, from what I understand, isn't even over yet (all we have is four chapters right now) and the main antagonist (yes, there is a main antagonist) isn't set to appear until book six. The author also stated that the comic has a definite end. Right now, since were so early on, I can only assume that most of what's going on is just a set up meant for explanation later. 

The world itself also has a brief explanation in chapter three (which I'm sure we'll see more of later) and if anyone here has ever seen the animated film "Cats Don't Dance" it has a very similar concept. In this world animals and other creatures (such as the aforementioned vampires, mermaids, and hybrids) have the same level of intelligence as human, and are essentially in society along with them, but there is a strong prejudice against them, so they were forced into their own little area. Explains why "all the hell spawn furries". 

By the way, there is also a heaven to be introduced later on, so this comic isn't just "high school and hell". Damian isn't even the primary character, he's just mischievous enough to become antagonistic and push the story along. Heck, he's not even just "the antichrist" as I've seen people complaining about. He's AN antichrist, yes, but remember that just because a character says something (I.E. The fact that Damian said "I'm the antichrist" just to scare Cameron) doesn't mean that the author believes there is only one antichirst. Finally, while on the subject of Damian, his nanny, Tentadora, was actually originally created to be a mechanical object of lust to encourage others to sin, but was repurposed after Damian was born. It says so right in her character description. Why no one bothered to read this is beyond me, it's on the exact same website as the comic itself.  

Again, if this comic isn't your thing, don't read it. And constructive criticism is really good, it's just the amount of misinformation/lack of information on this thread was bothering me.

Last Edited By: Artsy Mar 21 15 8:32 AM. Edited 2 times.

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#10 [url]

Mar 21 15 11:40 AM

Nothing you said made the comic seem any better.
In fact you made it seem less interesting than I thought it was.
Keep posting. Maybe you'll make it look bad enough to warrant a review.

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#11 [url]

Mar 25 15 7:53 PM

izzus wrote:
Nothing you said made the comic seem any better.
In fact you made it seem less interesting than I thought it was.
I had pretty much the same reaction. If I have some time, I might actually read the comic.

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#12 [url]

Mar 29 15 6:21 AM

Just wanted to add my two cents...

The comic is fairly good I suppose, though for someone who has zoo phobia, the character (Cameron) seemed to get over it kinda fast.

In my opinion at least.

The art's good, nice colors and such. At least the females (who are shape shifters) don't look the same.

(Off note) From what I've seen in tumblr lately regarding the author, apparently there's another artist claiming that she disregarded some sort of contract or failed to give credit to him/her of certain characters, and has been claiming that she had been stealing credit or something. Now apparently, the author has scrapped them and basically only changed the outlook of the characters, which look more or less than what they were before.

Anyone have any idea what's going on with that? Doesn't look good for publicity if that rumor's spreading about.

Also, I fail to see why being rejected by society means that hell spawns are furries.

It's in hell. How the heck can society affect that?

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#13 [url]

Mar 29 15 7:41 AM

To answer your inquiry about the Tumblr drama, I have some slight information on this. I only know about the case with JiJi (GiGi? GeeGee....?) the scene wolf character in the artists animated music video of a Ke$ha song (that will also appear in the comic later). According to Viv, she was an adoptable that she bought. When drama popped up, she redesigned the character more and more. Mostly the only notable differences is color scheme. I don't know the other person's side of the story about JiJi.

I also know that there are a few other characters that did not originally belong to her in the comic. Gunter, the snake dude, being one. I don't know the agreement between artists about this either. Just know that it should be noted.

I feel like, as the OP that brought attention to the comic, I should say that I have respect for the artist to a certain degree. As an animation major in college currently, I can look up to her progress as an artist over the years and her success in the animation field so shortly after graduating. But I think it should also be noted her taste is rather immature(?). A lot of her designs hold an intense influence from the 'scene' subculture. Which is always just kind of groan-worthy to see and notice. Especially in work from a grown woman. If she were trying to pander to 'scene' middle-schoolers then this would be acceptable. But the audience for this comic is obviously mid-teen to adult. And perhaps it's just me, but I expect more from an adult artist.

But I suppose that should have been foreseeable since her art style was very much the well known 'ripping-off-Jhonen-Vasquez' before she entered college (judging from her DeviantArt).

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#14 [url]

Mar 29 15 8:53 AM

izzus, she changed how her pages are refered to, so your links are broken, just fyi. Doubt you can be bothered to look for the right page and correct, but so you know that you'd have to look again if this becomes an article.

I checked it out and read a bunch of pages from the middle towards the end, and tried to read the start but wasn't catchy enough for me. Doesn't help that the art style is something that I dislike, I guess it's more tolerable/better for someone who actually likes that sort of art. I agree it has visible influences from Jhonen Vasquez, but most people who draw in a cartoony style nowadays either rip him off or rip Don Bluth off or the oldschool Disney style. It's sad that most people are so creatively crippled they can't develop their own style, or even create a style that doesn't instantly make you go "oh! It's this!" at this point, but what can you do. Especially since apparently even her character designs are taken from other people.
Some faces, though, are really ugly, even for the style itself, like the human girl's face on this page, and that's a pretty recent page in between competent art, so idk, throughout the comic she comes off as the type of artist who draws without much base or consistency other than what nervous impulses happen to come to her hand then.

The pacing of the stuff I read is bad. She spends too much time on what feels like insignificant details and when there's something that COULD be interesting, she rushes through it in a page, if even that. I'll use the latest chapter for example because that's the one I read last and can remember without looking back on it. You have pages upon pages on the girls the random alien or whatever the eff he is was dating, but the dog's curse is explained and done with in one page with an infodump, when I expected the dog to be the central focus of that part of the story because HE, not his friend, went to the counselor god damn it. If this comic IS aimed at teenagers, like someone on here said, then I guess that explains it, and I guess I'm just too old for it to appeal to me and allow me to relate to it when I'm long past the "puppy love" and "cool teenager" age.

I can't consider it bad objectively, because all my reasons to hate it or not be attracted to it are subjective, but it does come off as pretentious, the themes and stories I've encountered in the parts I've read try to seem 2deep4u, but it just doesn't deliver.
I guess the only points I can give it is that, despite me hating the style beyond words, it does start looking bit better throughout and she at least gets more comfortable with action lines and has better coloring choices. Suppose some kids are loving the shit out of it and this is their favorite artist, so suppose she's doing well catering to her target audience, which I say is a plus.

edited to add: Decided to stop being a jackass and read the chapters I skipped, in case they'd be good. They were just as bad. And now I had more time to admire the fact that she draws the exact same face for every animal (don't know when it's a dog, wolf, fox, fantasy animal, I think the one chick is a kangaroo with a dog face? I only guessed the cheetah because of the markings because otherwise he looks like every other animal) and a same face for every humanoid bar the main chick. Same talking quirks and expressions too, which is something she could've done different for different characters in this particular style but decided not to. Plus whatever the guy with antennae is looks like a Zim fancharacter, and added to the drawing style, sort of feels like the author is still a fangirl even at whatever her age is. And she does come off as immature with the jokes and story peppered throughout. Still having the issue about pacing and what she considers important and all those edgy characters, too.

There are also A LOT of spelling errors / word confusion / misused words in the comic which a 22 year old American female should not be failing in her native language. And which either nobody pointed out, or if they did, she couldn't be arsed to edit. Like I can't be arsed to go back and find them all and link them.

I personally consider it a bad comic overall, not gouging my eyes out bad, but still "what have I done with the past few hours of my life" bad and not worth going back to it bad.

Last Edited By: Sindy Mar 29 15 11:02 AM. Edited 2 times.

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#15 [url]

Mar 30 15 3:21 AM

Also, on the subject of Tentadora, the nanny, once more (or as I will refer to her, The-Cheesecake-Factory).

The excuse given in Artsy's post is still really weak. And gives no excuse for such a sexual figure in such a maternal role. And on top of that, I feel like it wastes some serious and interesting setting fluff and potential.

I don't know what form of demonology Viv is following. She gives us no explanation as to why a succubus was essentially BUILT and not made. The most common belief is that demons are fallen angels and thus can't be MADE. But that doesn't seem to be the case in Zoophobia. I make that assumption because of both the appearance of the demons (which is a weak reason, really) and the lack of biblical names being used for the demons. Also the fact that there seem to be 'young' demons aside from Damian. If this was ever explained then perhaps I'd be less judging. Except for the fact that if The-Cheesecake-Factory was built, then they could build another nannybot. Or actually re-purpose her physically and mentally to fit the nanny role. The explanation does a shit poor job of giving any good reasoning except 'I wanted to'.

Viv wasted a perfect opportunity to explain the necessity. And why robots of sin would be important to Hell. Or even touch onto the subject of hellish machinery. That shit sounds cool. Like the forces of Chaos in Warhammer 40k or something.

Or maybe she will later. It doesn't seem like she will. But I could be wrong.


I checked her Tumblr for more information on the contract about characters thing.  Apparently she isn't using Gunter orrrrr the other character who I don't remember the name of anymore, because the original creator of them started harassing her about calling them hers and using them in her comic and taking credit for them and blahty blahty blah.  Adoptables and using other peoples characters is ALWAYS going to cause trouble down the road.  So I don't know why she would have ever thought that was a good idea, really.

Sure, you can give someone the rights to a character.  But when it comes to creative pride, that can cause some rocky roads.


For anyone who wants to read the (only slightly) informative post about what went down with the characters.

I'm not sure I believe either side, personally.  And I still think a person should always be credited for their designs.  


Pardon.  It's GUSTAV not Gunter.

Last Edited By: AoratosTheos Mar 30 15 3:42 AM. Edited 3 times.

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#16 [url]

Mar 30 15 4:34 AM

I'll admit it, I was actually drawn into reading the comic through the music animation. Though I didn't really get what the hell JiJi/JayJay (that's her name now I guess; didn't know she was bought too) was at the time (I knew it had to be a canid, but never would have guessed a wolf), I was still interested in reading the comic. But judging from the style, I thought the author was someone a bit younger (like maybe 17 or something) defiantly not 21/22 or up. So that kinda surprised me when I checked out a bit of info on her. None the less, I was still somewhat drawn to the style (maybe cause it reminded me of an old favorite movie of mine as a kid) of the wolf girl.

You'd have to admit, animation like that is to be respected somewhat, right?

Anywho upon reading the comic, I was kinda disappointed to say the least. Sure the style and color was good and all, but it was the characters (like the one in focus(?) now, Cameron) that didn't really appeal to me. Plus, I only wanted to read it to see JiJi/JayJay.

Still, the comic is fairly good... Though I'll admit I've got some doubts about certain things due to the info I've acquired recently.

After poking around her DeviantArt, I could definitely say that the author's art was somewhat of a rip off of Jhonen Vasquez's style regarding Invader Zim in the past. I got the "Isn't that...?" vibe from the Zill thing after seeing him. The antenna/ears either told me it was an Invader Zim fan character or a freaking Neopet or something.

Though before when I first read the comic (like, a few days ago) I decided to ignore it since there were a lot of coincidences in the world.


It didn't help that I also found out she was also into Billy and Mandy as well. After finding that out, I figured the idea of making Jack (who is apparently not a dog, but a jackal which is kinda hard to believe; he's the one in counseling with the human btw) have a demon (Damian) for a cousin came from the show. 

There's also an "emotionless" (one who gets angry/annoyed despite having no emotion) deformed hello kitty (no nose) purple cat that apparently never smiles who is indefinitely based off of Mandy (and most likely even Gaz from Invader Zim). I've also seen a character that might have been based off of Billy, the weird fox/doggish guy with a white and orange coat.

It may not be a big deal, but it does kinda put me off when people don't really inform the true origins of their original character (DO NOT STEAL!). Though, they haven't made much of an appearance and I assume that they've been improved over the (insert time here), so I can't really say anything more about those characters.

Make of that what you will.

By the way I also stumbled upon the "Cats don't Dance" info or whatever that was and to say the least, it's not only uninteresting but the song based off of the art is kinda dumb too. I've probably heard of the movie in my childhood since the title is sort of familiar, but now I'm glad I didn't bother to watch it then as a child. I'm probably being biased about the movie from just one song though.

Also Sindy, turns out Zill (the what's-it-who's-it) is apparently a demon, dragon and chimera mutt.

You didn't read wrong there. Guess that (pretty much only) explains the wings? I honestly never would have guessed it.

Also, I decided to do a little digging about the character issue to hear both sides of the story. Turns out from reading the tumblr comments, some person named "DollCreep" is the other guy. So going to his/her page, I found out their side of the story.

Curiosity is a bad trait for me you see. 

Since it seems it was erased or something from tumblr yesterday, I'll give you the low down of what he/she said. Basically, he/she said the author didn't hold up to the agreement about mentioning/crediting the true creator of those 3-4 characters while putting photos of an email contract stating what he\she said about crediting him\her, false accusation of harassment which was merely critique which included him\her saying to find her own style or something and other things like "she used my ideas and designs without crediting".  Blah, blah, blah.

I don't know who to believe since I don't even know either of them (or truthfully want to much less really give a crap about the problem), but this is precisely why you should never actually BUY characters from other people.

There's also this hot mess regarding "original characters" here . [EDIT 2: Looks like this link doesn't work anymore. Instead, click this one . It's the same content, but with some recent replies. Now that I really look over it, it seems pretty unprofessional to embaress a "fan" (or whatever) publicly like that, especially if it's from an amateur artist on deviantart of all places. The fact that she had "just turned 21" (she's 22 now btw) in that time doesn't really impress me either. Also apparently from the link, her art was heavily inspired by the DollCreep person him/herself and the movie Cat's Don't Dance in the past, and still looks like it. I don't really know for sure, but I would be lying if I said her current style didn't remind me of the old Warner Brothers/Disney 2D hand drawn movies for a second. But I only got that feeling when I first saw JiJi/JayJay in the animation and from a few of her animal characters, like the deers for instance (then again, when does it not for any fictional deers in general).]

And this regarding JiJi/JayJay .

Should this ever become an article, I suppose someone could note these? Though, this is probably unneeded info.

Excuse the format of this post, I haven't been feeling the best and wrote most of this up yesterday night (so I couldn't forget) so sorry if it doesn't make sense or anything. Also, I guess the "new character" JiJi/JayJay can change her hair color according to her "creator" here .

Last Edited By: Apr 12 15 8:29 PM. Edited 3 times.

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#17 [url]

Mar 30 15 10:54 AM

So the bottom line is, this chick has zero creativity and is riding on fans of certain preexisting styles. When her characters aren't stolen from a TV show, they're stolen from her friend. Classy.

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#19 [url]

Apr 8 15 7:41 PM

AoratosTheos wrote:
Haven't seen this webcomic mentioned much around the web outside of the authors tumblr and TV Tropes so I thought I'd bring it to light with a curious inquisition on how the forum would view its quality. Having read random reviews on the main site in my free time for the past 3 weeks or so, I thought I'd give the forum a shot.

I've been told I have a knack for picking good attributes out of things that are complete shit, but this can sometimes blind me to just how AWFUL something really is. As I love the reviews written here, what better way to get a criticizing opinion than here?
I haven't had a chance to read it, but I've been following the thread; it's starting to look like it warrants a review. (I'll attempt to read it later in the week.) Assuming it gets approved, were you going to review it yourself?

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#20 [url]

Apr 12 15 4:42 PM

I, personally, don't have time to write up a review for it.  But I was excited by the prospect of it recieving a written review by one of the members of the community.

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