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Apr 13 15 1:18 PM I guess this is the origins of where JiJi/JayJay's design first came?

Full list of character designs here: I can... sorta see similarities of drawing style with the author's style I guess. If I look hard enough.

See and decide for yourself if her style reminds you of the DollCreep person's (old?) version.

Also, I guess this probably means the end of their argument about owning whoever. Probably.

EDIT: Okay seriously, does this straight out remind you of a dog or a fox, cause I thought the former . I really do hope the foot was a second thought there.

...Can't say it looks "bad" overall though.

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#22 [url]

Apr 13 15 2:18 PM

I'm way too bothered by debating whether either one of these girls actually attended school because god fucking damn their spelling is atrocious and they make the most retarded typos. Like I pointed out, the comic was chock full of retarded typos, the drama posts are too, and I can't get over "bin" instead of "been" right now, on supposedly her "professional" tumblr judging by her trying to sell the designs to big name companies. Like, seriously.

The style looks similar to me but mainly because psychedelic neons aren't my thing, I'm sure people who are familiar with the Zim/Burton/whoever fandoms can tell the two styles apart. Thanks for digging up all the drama though.

EDIT: Okay seriously, does this straight out remind you of a dog or a fox, cause I thought the former

I though fox, but only, and simply only, because of the (almost) fox coloration. If it were a b/w drawing I would call it an anthro something (yes, it has very human legs and feet). But we've already established she draws every single animal the exact same and every single human the exact same and the only hope you have of distinguishing them lies in coloration/hair/whatever.
Unless this is her friend. In which case she, too, draws every animal the exact same way and similar to the comic's artist. And guess this'd solve the question whether their style is the same.

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#23 [url]

Apr 14 15 12:24 PM

Nope, this was drawn by the author and put online recently (yesterday), whether or not it was made in the past or recent I don't know.

And your welcome. Tumblr has got to be the worst place to have an argument.

Since the comic is still in it's early stage in book 1 with like, 5 chapters (or something; from what I've been informed by Artsy and around deviantART, this thing has been on since 2012 and has been developed since 08 so the amount of effort on progress is kinda depressing), should/can it still have an article?

EDIT: I actually thought this was a rabbit and a dog at first.

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#24 [url]

Apr 19 15 11:57 AM

Why don't we play a simple game of "Guess Who?" with the character JiJi/JayJay?

Bear in mind that this character can have different outlooks as seen from the profile, so be careful!

Here are two pictures: 


Guess which one is her! 


Finished your observation? Great! Did'ja guess 1? Maybe 2? Or did you guess she was both of them?! 


Well, sorry to say but your wrong. None of these guys are JiJi/JayJay. The last one is the author's "fursona" (I guess) wolf (maybe that one not being JiJi/JayJay was obvious). The first is Taylor Swift/Kesha or something. I actually laughed when I first saw the Taylor/Kesha one, cause I seriously thought it was JiJi/JayJay in one of her different color schemes (cause remember, she does that now). I can't even tell if the little picture in the character profile is the said alpha wolf girl or if it's another recolor of JiJi/JayJay. 


It's one thing to do it with a comic like Homestuck, but I thought she was trying to make her art be taken seriously here.

I just wanted to appreciate the fact that she doesn't really bother to make the character model of the same species much different other than a few highlights of color or hairstyle, something that's basically confimed in this thread. There's also some other wolf character that isn't really much different than her .

I get the feeling she's really trying to insist that she created the concept of the "Party Werewolf" idea instead of the DollCreep person (who I assume made it).

Plus, the tails the author draws are either too long for a wolf or they remind me of a cat's or something. The hands/paws look more fit for a human or are more fit for a kitty thing too. Although, JiJi/JayJay IS a werewolf (and I'm assuming her other "clan-mates" are too) so it could be that. 

I think this outright states the ripping off Don Burth/Disney's style here: I think it's a dog or something. Reminds me of Sasha (Burth) and Dixie (Disney). 

Going off to another subject, apparently she doesn't like Ava's Demon despite making an art trade/tribute artwork of it and stating that she liked it before.

From this post though , she says otherwise like not having "a lot of respect for the creator for a lot of reasons I don’t wanna get into".

Now I REALLY have no idea what happened here, but from what I scarcely read out of a tumblr post (from a google preview, I don't think it's there anymore), she got ridicule for something Ava related. That was obviously from a fan, so I really don't know whether or not it was exaggerated or whatever.

But if I had to guess, it was probably either related to the characters (probably the demons) unsurprisingly or because of a certain post on DeviantArt about the Maggie character that I found out a week ago, I only added the latter due to the " no respect" fact.  

Now the real reason I brought this up was because I found a disturbing piece of art with the same issue regarding what happened with Maggie. 


See, there's this character named Mirage (who is 27) in the picture drawn along with some bird child who is implied to be very young (14 I think). It depicts the possessed chick being a disgusting creep to the kid. It doesn't help that the author said: 

"this is when you ruuuuuuuuuuun Kess…
Realized I never visualized Kess and Mirage interacting, and Mirage would absolutely looooooooove Kestral, in her sick pedo way XD

Here's the link to the post

This would make her a hypocrite if she went along with the bandwaggon telling the creator off for such art, but even if not and it's because of a different reason entirely (she did mention something personal) it's still worth mentioning this gross fact about the character she made. I'm not saying the author is one though, just the fact that she made her character like that and thinking it was "funny" or whatever puts me off.

She includes "Loves creeping on kids" on Mirage's character profile here: 


I don't know the date ( I really don't get tumblr's format much) but I'm assuming this was like 2014.

Scroll down here if you can tell the date: 

Also on the subject of the character, the more and more I think about it, the Mirage chick really does remind me of that Johnny guy from Jhonen's creation. Keep in mind that I had seen Mirage before Johnny, and instantly found myself thinking: "Is that Mirage character some sort of expy or something?"

Although, I only thought that because they're both sociopathic serial killers with the Mirage chick trying to be depicted as creepy and dark and such. 

I may be over thinking there.

Nowadays with all this information I've pilled up in my head, It feels like she's trying to blend in old Disney/Warner bros. art styles together with Jhonen's into her own. 

She obviously knows how to draw and all, it's mostly just the style of it that's bothering. 

Also read the little black box here: 

AoratosTheos, I think this is Tentadora (Cheesecake)'s new design? I don't know:  


Maternal role huh?

From here:

Also just wanna say, I'm pretty sure a pentagram wold be a more sutible choice to represent the demons considering the obvious fact that it actually does usually stand for evil, demons and whatever. At least I think so.

Here's an extra thing I found for those who are as curious as I was, look up Zootopia (new Disney movie in 2016) and Zoophobia together in a search.


(We're allowed to post pictures like the three above me right? Also, is there anyway to change the size?)

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#25 [url]

Apr 19 15 1:50 PM

To be most precise, an upside down pentagram is commonly accepted as a satanic symbol, because the goat head is often drawn within and fits into the upside down star.

I believe once she even mentioned being from a catholic upbringing yet still finds it acceptable to use St. Peter's cross as a satanic symbol.

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#27 [url]

Apr 19 15 7:44 PM

I've been reading a bit of the comic and I feel it's not good. It's already crossing the line into bad webcomic territory. The composition of most scenes is lacking, devolving into a lot of simple chest up talking animals. A lot of the panels have some decent expression and movement going on individually, but when taken as a whole they don't flow well, so the visual continuity is confusing. I also have no idea what this story is trying to be, and I don't feel like it cares about our main character at all. The focus is shifting between several different parties, but I don't feel like anyone has actually been properly introduced or I know anything about them. This shouldn't even be a problem considering what exactly the main character is. She's a guidance counselor, and I haven't seen her do anything relating to her job. Wouldn't seeing her introducing herself and meeting the students give us better indication of this world than three sparkles dogs talking in circles? It's like the comic has a built in narrative device, yet nothing is done with it. The art style also gives me a weird dissonance between what is supposed to be 'serious' scenes, yet I feel like I'm looking at a goddamn Invader Zim cartoon filtered through a fever dream.

EDIT: Reading further, it seems she's only just started doing her job after being at this school more than three weeks, And finally we're introduced to a character, inprovment! Doesn't fix a lot of the other issues though
Now that I've read all that's to offer, I have a lot of questions. Demons aren't allowed within the haven, but some resident has a sister that's married to the devil. How? How did these two characters even meet? Perhaps they met outside the haven and then the sister became a resident? But then how did she make an appeal to the devil within the haven? Thedevil said that there are laws against Demons in the Haven earlier, and he seemed to very much respect those laws? How did he curse someone within the haven when it's supposed to be a safe place? I thought no living thing could permanently leave the haven without breaking the magics and ruining everything? But the anti-christ doesnt seem to have any intentions on staying in the Haven forever? Does he not count? I actually saw several Demons just pop into the Haven without repercussion through the course of the comic, do they not count either? I'm also very unclear as to everyone's position within their own social hierarchy, if that makes sense? Like, this is a school, but one of the teachers/vice principle was called a head peace keeper, who just allowed the anti-christ into the school because his nannies(a demon and some sin-bot) made some direct appeal. That sin-bots character bio said once they were built their duties were redirected from causing mahem to baby sitting, and this isn't explained. What jobs are within this haven that these kids are being taught for? Does the fact that no living thing can permanently leave the Haven mean that it's over populated? I don't understand

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#28 [url]

Apr 20 15 4:22 AM

Actually, I think she mentioned somehwere that the comic isn't suppose to really "have" a protaginist per say, that the role switches to other characters. The bad problem about this fact is that we, the readers, cannot tell whether or not the main character role has been changed or not (like the current story/arc/chapter/whatever, is Jack the main character now or is it still Cameron? I barely know anything about her besides that she's scared of animals and is a counsler).

Your questions are good, I find myself asking myself the same. But I'm sure the author probably thought: "Naw, I'll just create a story arc about this element (like the sister meeting the devil, which I think probably won't have any backstory since the plot point of having a demon cousin came straight from Billy and Mandy anyway) or create an info dump like with Jack or something".

Most likely the latter.

Also for the over population problem, perhaps that's one of the sinister things that happen in the haven. The vampiric fox(?) thing mentioned something about the school/haven having a dark secret, which could be taking out the "lesser" residents and shooting them behind the shed.

As for when this information will come out, who knows. We'll probably have to swim through more retarted sparkley wolf/dog recolors before that's revealed, for whatever "suspense" is built up of course.

AoratosTheos, she's actually an atheist now, so maybe she doesn't really care.


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#29 [url]

Apr 22 15 4:31 PM

I guess this is how she responds to her fan's opinions. I'll admit that it takes time to create pages for comic but... The "time and quality" for this would probably be much more quicker if she didn't keep making character profiles for characters nobody is going to see in the near future (or only have been given cameos with no speaking role whatsoever in the current arc) because she's still working on "Book 1", and that been going on for god knows how long. She says it's to excite people into seeing whatever she "makes" but honestly, showing "peeks" (basically giving out eveything about them) of a character will only ruin the point of what a "surprise" is suppose to be. Plus, she seems better at animating than making comics. If the comic still sucks overtime, I think she should stick to doing the former.

Also, read the notes below. Ugh.

Here's the follow up:

Also Sindy, it appears she does realize her grammer does indeed suck. She plans to go back and fix them when she completes Book 1 so she could possibly create it into a graphic novel.

Over here: 

Let's see how that one works out for her.

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#30 [url]

Apr 22 15 5:56 PM

Yeesh, there are a lot of comics Ive seen update once a week, but those comics are very detail heavy or sylistically impressive or just have a lot of shit going on. a once a week update fits more within dramatic singular stories, where we watch one character evolve, and even then, it needs to have some element that makes it worth waiting for. I was willing to wait for heart shaped skulls updates in its run time because there was a lot of levels and details to scour through while waiting.
Zoophobia lacks almost all of those things. For an artist who has great singular artworks just bursting with personality, her comic just does not live up to its prestige. Showing entire character bios before they become relevant is another knot in the noose. Id compare it more to Miamaska, which also updates once a week, with occassional twice a week updates, but it moves at such a glacial pace that i cant read it. What even about ZPs characters am i supposed to be engaged with and waiting for? That cursed kid who just gave me both his and another kids entire backstory? The counselor who seems to have very little agency within her own destiny? The anti christ who so far has done nothing of note except be an asshole? Or maybe the teachers, who im constantly given conflicting information for? She said she had an extensive backlog, yet she can't bump up to two updates a week? fine, its her comic, but she has no room to be offended when her audience says they're not engaged. This is your audience speaking to you dear, dont ignore them or shoot down their criticism, it means they wont talk to you later and then you wont even have an audience. 

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#32 [url]

Apr 24 15 4:29 AM

Well, I think you should. Make sure to include everything relevant from both pages, if it's necessary.

I guess I can sorta belive the DollCreep person when he/she said that the harassment he/she gave the author was probably just critisism afterall.


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#33 [url]

Apr 25 15 5:38 PM

I guess the drama isn't really over, no surprise. 

This DollCreep person keeps on deleting his/her posts by the way (The one regarding "original characters" is gone as well as the one where t said he/she was ending the drama). I can remember the content of those posts though (salvaged some photos too) so yeah.

It may be a good idea to keep note of each post I put up here.

I hate tumblr.

EDIT: Found the original character thing again (this time with fan input though) 

And yes, I do think she makes money out of the crappy-ish comic (maybe just her animations, since they're better to look forward to). It's from Patron and all that.

Also, here:
She pretty much lied here when she said she wouldn't ever take credit for JiJi/JayJay's design.

I didn't do this but, still important to add right?

So, why should we trust HER words then? And is she saying that since the DollCreep guy didn't credit, she shouldn't have to either? It's kinda full of drama too, if she had issues with the DollCreep guy before, then why buy his/her characters?

Maybe they're both liers.

Regardless though, trying to pass off yourself as the original designer is a pathetic move anyway. Just suck it up and admit it, you got yourself into it.

(I put these up incase the link to the post I put in before gets deleted)

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#34 [url]

Apr 25 15 8:38 PM

Oh God, I'm not at all good at writing about teenager level bullshit like this, and may need some help when it comes to that part of the review. Seems to me like someone bought a character, sold it, then everyone got mad and started shouting "LAWYERS" With like, no legal grounds or any real reason to. The problem here is that JiJi is the main character in that stupid Kesha animated Music video that tumblr lost its shit over for no reason and that's why anyone has even heard of this bitch or her shitty webcomic, now someone is making a stink about her making money. And yeah, her art is derivative as hell and all her characters look awful and like they were copy pasted from some scene kid's middle school notebook. I refuse to read any more about this madness than I have to.

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#35 [url]

Apr 26 15 5:42 PM

Yipes, I'm sorry you had to read them, I just rolled my eyes at whatever bullcrap was there in the drama (it's pretty sad that she was like 20-21 for the most of it). 

Ha, I was actually drawn into reading the comic by the animation (I mentioned that in an earlier post I think), so your pretty much right about that.

And hey, you and whoever can use that annoyance built up to write up just how bad her comic is. 

And just to note if the "lawyer" buisness is actually serious (highly unlikely cause I'm sure they're not retarted enough to get legal over this, and if they do then the DollCreep guy IS the original designer so credit is still credit. Besides, the author has NO PROOF JiJi/JayJay was an adoptable in the first place, does that idiot think people can trust her words so easily?), if this actually turns out like what happened with Ken Penders or something, I'm pretty much finished.

BTW... I was gonna post a few links to show how her art was like in middle school-high school (still gonna) so... It might be best if you didn't touch the links... Pretty much ignore this portion.

This post only has just a tiny portion of it.


This is where everything else is:

P.S.S, looks like theres a new animation coming for music or something:

I hope it's not anymore stupid wolf crap (I can't really tell her animals apart anyway, it's worse when they're members of the same animal family, can't tell if it's a dog or a jackal who's even been mistaken for a rabbit sadly. I also wanna say Georgette from Oliver and Comapany rip-off but...)

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#36 [url]

Apr 27 15 9:49 PM

what i really don't like about her is that i've heard that she avoids certain pieces of fanart and that she doesn't take criticism, and honestly taking criticism is the best way to better yourself. i think that she could be better than that. 

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#39 [url]

Apr 29 15 8:30 AM

Hah, a few of these are actually pretty true.
i find it pretty danm sad that she's taking comfort from 4chan of all places, im seriously rolling my eyes here.
Guess that's how all furries take comfort these days. i found that recent comment in the link. all her animals look the god danm same with their expressions (like that yellow dog and the brown one from the flashback) and I can't tell whether or not a character is a dog or a rabbit or whatever animal. doesn't help that it's a rip off of Burton's style too.
original characters DO NOT STEAL! is apparently a problem with this girl from what i've read. The comic is pretty slow paced too, I find myself wondering just what  the hell am i waiting for with the boring characters. and is that one alien thing really a zim fancharacter? looks like it.

The retarted music video i saw has good animation but shitty music. i feel like this comic is like a mash up of glee and a disney movie with poor attempts at adding johnny the homicidal maniac's creators style in the mix along with high school musical. critisism from people you know isn't always great. they might not make their points clear because they don't want to hurt you, so it's good to look at it from other people like your audience.

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#40 [url]

Apr 29 15 9:49 AM

Something about her art style bugs me, and I can't really put my finger on it. There are parts I like about it but then something is off like that picture of the chick in the pink dress further up in the thread. It's her eyes, I didn't see that she had pupils at first, and the way her eye lashes or eye brows grow off her head look like antennas. What I'm saying is she looks like an alien trying to look human. Is she an alien?

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