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May 25 14 9:08 AM

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I'd like to add categories to the webcomic reviews on the wiki in order to sort them by the genre of the comic being reviewed. Is that allowed? Incidentally, why doesn't this forum have a section for suggesting new features for the wiki?
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May 25 14 12:15 PM

There probably should be a section just for site maintenance issues. As for categories, you can try experimenting on your userpage. I recently did that while coming up with a new template.

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May 25 14 8:38 PM

MakarovJAC wrote:
Actually, we have such feature at the review site (where the final reviews are), though not as a widget.

I've seen the master index thing. What I'm talking about is adding categories to the reviews themselves based on the genres of the comics (so there'd be a category page for furry-related comics, a category for slice-of-life, etc.) It would not be a difficult or disruptive change, and I could probably do all the work for it myself. I just want to make sure that I wouldn't be stepping on anyone's toes by doing so.

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Jun 3 14 9:20 PM

I understand, like some sort of tag system, right? Well, I guess we could implement it for as long as anyone here can program it. Which will be kind of an issue. If you tell us how, we can do. So far some of us have a limited programming knowledge, so such ideas will meet some obstacles.


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