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Sep 26 13 1:57 PM

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Original thread by pro-mole

Looked for a topic about this before, and couldn't find it. So, shrugs. Amidst our whole crusade on bad webcomics and evaluating comics for new reviews, how about some lighthearded chit-chat?

The topic is… well, what' the first webcomic you ever read. The one that suddenly revealed you to a world where comics actually existed in the internet!Mine was the defunct Acid Reflux and… look at the site in its magnificent 90s-ity!

Egads. The last comic I remember seeing of it was this, though I'm pretty sure I actually left it way before. Apparently it experienced a brief burst of guest comics after that but I missed that. Or, rather, I don't miss that.I believe if it was actually alive, this comic might get its place here. 
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#2 [url]

Oct 1 13 9:02 AM

I think my first was either Mac Hall or College Roomies from Hell...I remember the latter a lot better because I read it for longer just because it got so batshit insane.

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#3 [url]

Nov 11 13 10:14 PM

I think it was called Sea Song... Not Earth Song. It was about elves, princesses, colorful hair, magic, I think everyone was a twin of one another and... I lost interest quickly.

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#6 [url]

Feb 26 14 7:52 AM

This was mine:

I discovered it sometime around 2000, somehow. I think it was because I knew "not in my backyard" was a term for people who didn't want something to be developed in their neighborhood, and I put it into Google to see what came up.

It was also thanks to a banner ad on that site that I discovered Neopets for the first time.

By the time the strip died in August 2001, I was probably the only person still reading it. It had a LOT of schedule slip in 2000, including a three month gap. For some reason, one of the character's names was retconned near the end of the strip's life.

This is still my signature.

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#7 [url]

Mar 4 14 9:35 AM

My first comic was Sorcery 101. I stopped reading it when it became apparent that the creator only wanted to make money off the comic. They have a patreon page and last I checked the only goal on it was $300 a month so bills could get paid. Keep in mind that the person that made this comic as done freelance work for comics like dark horse after they graduated from art school, but they don't want to do freelance work they just want to do comics all day.

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#8 [url]

Mar 9 14 8:15 PM

I don't remember exactly what the first webcomic I read is, but the first one I actually started following regularly was Insecticomics by Wayward.  It's a photocomic made with her (pretty impressively sized) action-figure collection, with speech bubbles and photoshop elements added in.  At first they were pretty obviously shot on her kitchen table, but as time went on she began building elaborate sets and finding appropriately-sized props for the characters, the photography and special effects improved, and overall it became every bit as impressive as many hand-drawn comics in my mind.

Sadly, Wayward discontinued the comic when she felt it was growing stale, though the archives are still available.  She's currently doing two more webcomics (hand-drawn this time), a Transformers fancomic called All Hail Flamewar and an original science fiction webcomic called Harbourmaster.

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#9 [url]

Mar 9 14 9:47 PM

I think the first comic I can remember was Star Cross'd Destiny. Back then I thought every remotely resembling anime was cool. Then, I started reading it, and found out it was very boring. And I had problems with the characters having all the same face. It was fucking confusing.


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#10 [url]

Apr 2 14 8:02 PM

First Webcomic for me was Better Days. That was fun stuff...

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#11 [url]

May 14 14 5:34 AM

i think the first webcomic i ever read was a sprite one called sonic and pals. the author made himself a character using shadow sprites and at the time i thought the comic was awesome xD don't know why!

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#18 [url]

Aug 26 14 11:54 AM

First webcomic I read was Mario's Quest for Nads back in the days of dialup. It was a lazy sprite comic in which screenshots of the first Super Mario Bros. game for NES had text overlaid on them with stupid testicle jokes. The final comic was Mario in his death pose while touching a midair Koopa Paratroopa and saying "All I asked for was some balls".

First webcomic I read and can still find was 8-bit Theatre, which I got into after seeing the animated adaptation of the first half of the first story arc on Newgrounds and liking it.

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#19 [url]

Sep 7 14 11:17 PM

Mine was this boring ass sprite comic back in 2006 called Sonic Wrecks. It was actually pretty decent for a sprite comic, in retrospect, although the jokes were pretty much "lol, aren't the 3D Sonic Games waaacky?" and other ramblings from the author. I remember I used to post on the forums there ages ago, but the community sucked ass and I left. I don't think it updates anymore, but then again most sprite comics from that era don't.

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#20 [url]

Sep 8 14 10:40 AM

The first webcomic I can remember reading was 8-Bit Theater when it was fairly new. I was a fan for a long while.

I got tired of it at some point where a bunch of the villains join forces. It felt like the tone was permanently heading in a more idiotic direction; there was always a certain amount of humorous stupidity, but it started getting increasingly prevalent, and it headed away from parody and into random humor. Also, I couldn't shake the notion that the author was intentionally stalling for time.

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