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Jun 24 14 9:30 AM

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Alright, just like on the old forum we need a thread to keep an eye on unfinished shit. This time I made a page on the wiki with a list of undone review. We can use this thread to talk about what to do with them (finish/delete/ignore for a while).

The list as of now is as follows:

Will Save World For Gold - Will Save World For Gold - Mostly done. The guy who made it seems to be long gone. It looks like it just needs a conclusion and some pictures and maybe some links. Maybe i'll finish it myself. I just finished it myself.

*  The animu - Article made by Makarov that he never finished.

* Ballerina Mafia - This was started by one of our old regulars (not even sure if he's here or not anymore...) but it's like 3 lines of text. It's a comic by the guy who made "Conscession" so it's probably worth a review but there isn't anything to work with here... So keep it or delete? What do you think?

Rival Angels  - Another one that's like 3 lines of text long. I actually deleted it on the previous site and forgot and now restored it again... Should I just get rid of it again?

* Living with Gamer Girl and Hipster Girl - Another one by Makarov. This one looks finished. Why did you never publish it dude? Wait, this is finshed we just never put it on the front page. Finished.

* Blade Bunny - I have NO IDEA what to do with this one. The review is a mess. I don't even know who wrote it because he didn't put a name on it and I can't get into the history via the web archive to check. But whoever he is, he didn't do a very good job of it. The writing is a mess, the sections are a mess (there are two just titles "comic") there were some pictures there but I can't see them in the archive so I don't know what they were (he also renamed them so I can't google them... did DrShym make this? He's the only one who used to upload pictures on the old site. Anyway, the I read the comic and it is actually pretty bad so it desrves a review, but should I just delete this one and hope someone comes along to write a new one or try to somehow salvege this shit?

So that's it. What do you guys think?

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Jun 27 14 7:17 PM

The Conscession's a keeper for sure. As for Blade Bunny: since the original reviewer completely forgot about this site, or is now long gone, I say let someone else do the review.

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Jun 27 14 7:50 PM

I'm just here to say I'm slowly writing that article...because it seems like I forgot the content, the examples, and pretty much everything I was going to say there, so I'm rewriting it from scratch.


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Jun 28 14 2:26 PM

I think Concession could use an update. The art became really good towards the end and the characters FINALLY STARTED TO DEVELOP. But THE STORY WAS STILL SHIT. Honestly the plot was terrible since the beginning and the inability to balance gag a day and drama on top of making shit up on the fly didn't work for this comic. It could use an update, but not much of one.

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#5 [url]

Jul 2 14 10:15 AM

I've been working on a page for Belch Dimension Comics, but it's very incomplete right now and honestly not very good. An online acquaintance is currently helping me with the article.

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Jul 4 14 2:05 AM

i kinda wish we could keep the blade bunny one just for a laugh or an example of how not to write a review or something

but deleting it's probably better for quality control...

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