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Jul 1 14 10:50 PM

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Oh, don't get me wrong. I understand why people hate it. I get it. And when pointed out, the problems that are raised are obvious. I still like it. I still think that it, like other things I like, can be fun despite these problems. Heck, I don't even agree with all of them. But I understand. There is one thing in the review I found particularly... heinous in its error though. 

This situation has been perfectly illustrated by the orc rape storyline that underlines the Battle for Barthis arc. After a quick back and forth ranting, the guy who did the dong jamming eventually explains himself, Deegan understands him, and that becomes IT. Rape becomes justified, trivialized, and defended tirelessly by Dominic against all detractors, who are either evil or influenced by evil forces

The orc rape storyline? The one that wasn't a storyline but part of a larger storyline? The one that not only showed a child being raped, but another child being FORCED to do the raping, in affect being forced to be raped themselves? Children being forced to have sex under threat of death to one of them? WHO THE HELL does this reviewer think he is trivializing child molestation by calling it RAPE. By saying its ALL THE BOYS FAULT for daring to stand up for someone, only to learn that, oh wait, the orcs he's dealing with are cruel dicks who FORCE HIM, under threat of death to the person he's trying to save, to have sex with her. Do you say that child molestors who force one child to be with another are innocent of the crime because they didn't touch the kids, they only threatened them? Is it really the boys fault because he has the penis?

The fact of the matter is, that storyline very clearly showed not only a young man doing something heinous, but being forced to do it because, if not, she was going to be killed. I've seen this issue in several reviews, but here I can call you out on it. It wasn't RAPE. It was one child being forced to have sex with another by ADULTS because thats their way. It was child molestation. Under the threat of HER death, he was forced to do something he didn't want to do. And worse, he was to take the blame for it in the comic.

And was it handled properly? I don't know. I'm not sure I can judge that since I've never dealt with the issue. It seems like BOTH SIDES still feel sick about it to the very end, and have issues because of it. But instead of letting it weigh them down, they try and use it as motivation to become better, to even make sure it never happens again in the future. I think the comic would have been served better by pointing this out itself, but the truth is, it didn't need to defend itself. It was dealing with PEOPLE, people who are not perfect, people who take blame onto themselves and people who blame those that hurt them rather then those that caused the pain to happen. If anything, its the closest thing I've seen to a story like this being done properly and handled maturely. And you call it rape.

So yeah. You can say what you want about the comic. But when you trivialize child molestation by calling it the rape of the girl rather then acknowledging the pain both had to go through because the adults, the warriors, the people in charge made them do it you're wrong. Just because he was the one with the penis doesn't make him a rapist. He might have been a moron, but not that. Not only that, Dominic does not defend it. He defends his friend, tries to say he's good, but he never once says 'he did the right thing when he did what he did'. So all of that statement up there is wrong and I'm challenging it.

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Jul 2 14 10:13 AM

Please indicate ther chapter or chapters where said events happen. We will give it a look and see wether we delete; or edit whatever mistake there can be in the review.


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Jul 14 14 4:35 AM

Sorry, had to archive dive. What I didn't recall was that the comic actually did end up dealing with the fact that it was basically child molestation. There are other strips that talk about how they were children, but in this particular comic they straight up say what happened was forced on them, and the laws that forced them to do it were meant for consenting adults and that they were children who were basically dealing with an asshole clan leader.

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Feb 5 15 4:37 PM

I agree with this, I thought the rape storyline was handled well, it was a rape of both children perpetuated upon them by the adults. And it wasn't "all ok" because Dominic said so, it was made peace with because Melna (the girl orc who was raped) forgave Stonewater (the boy who was forced to rape her), he did what he thought he had to. I'm not sure exactly where the reviewer thought Dominic was saying rape was ok- perhaps the bit where there was a demon stirring up everyone's rage over the situation (like the part where the demon makes Stonewater's girlfriend hat him for what he did to Melna) and Dominic called out and uncovered the demon. I don't think that qauntifies "excusing rape" it was more "there is someone influencing your emotions".
Here is Stonewater seeing Melna again for the first time in years and remembering what happened when they were kids and being upset by it
the first time Melna says she forgives Stonewater
flashback when Stonewater explains his motives
flashback 2
the actual rape (being tactfully shown as hands being held down- nothing pornographic about it, he didn't actually "show" us underage sex/rape, it mostly happend offscreen)
the aftermath where Melna breaks his face with his own hammer (then runs away next page)
the demon making everybody yell at each other and think the worst
and here is the only possible thing I could think the reviewer meant when they said "Dominic defends rape endlessly after all that" (he's not defending rape here, he's telling the guy in love with Stonewater's girlfriend that he's being influenced by demons to hate Stonewater- though it wasn't much of a stretch since the guy has been jealous of him all along)
So, I think the review is unnecessarily harsh. The rape storyline was actually a subplot-bridge between the end of the town being destroyed by infernomancers and the start of the war in hell stories. Dominic doesn't "defend rape endlessly" it's not even discussed excpet among the people involved, nobody else knew about Melna and Stonewater it wasn't discussed by other characters, everybody else was too worried about the infernomancers.
The complaints about the art are legit but having a hate-on for a storyline that has been misremembered and misrepresented is I think unwarranted.

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Dec 4 15 12:05 AM

Not to thread-necro, but I think I have a theory on why the comic was originally blasted: the DD fanbase was almost fetishistic in how it treated this stuff - and how the haters of it usually just went "eww the comic has child rape in it" without ever bothering to read it closely

hell I even sat in that camp for a while.

Lesson of the day: Bad webcomics might be bad, but we mustn't let our prejudice cloud our judgement to make us think it's extra bad

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#5 [url]

Oct 30 16 1:13 AM

This could still need some work in terms of accuracy (based on the above posts) so I'm going to work on changes in the thread here until I get it right and then request the assessment of alterations for inclusion/modification in this review.

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#6 [url]

Oct 30 16 9:15 AM

Yeah, I think an edit to that section wouldn't hurt... altho the review in this here wiki isn't as scathing on that specific issue as other reviews I've seen. It is a pretty balanced review but yeah, I guess it is fair.

Also this part in the Conclusion section made me giggle. "Cry for Mookie, Argentina."

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#7 [url]

Dec 29 16 9:24 PM

The review was updated and still contains the part where they bitch about the rape storyline and act like it was all the comic was about. It was a small bridge between two other story-arcs, other than the characters directly involved it wasn't a big public deal that all the other characters knew about, and Dominic nowhere ever says "rape is ok" nor does he ever say anything about the situation to anyone other than his gf.
You can hate the art and you can hate the artist, but you can't outright lie about cannon story events.
Perhaps if the problem was the fans were being all gross about it then we should add a new tag "The fans are all assholes". It isn't always an artist's fault if their fanbase goes feral.

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#8 [url]

Dec 29 16 10:40 PM

I haven't forgotten about this. It's on my to do list (along with a million other things.)

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