Jun 16 15 5:49 PM

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in your applegeeks review there was no mention, so I'm assuming it was never noticed or brought to your attention, that the art is creepily identical to another webcomic that was being drawn around the same time. this is to the point where characters from one are obviously characters from the other. the artist from mac hall went on to do three panel soul, which has a significantly different art style, so I don't think it's the same artist? just that the one drawing applegeeks was less 'trying to find his style' and more 'ripping off another comic in crazy amounts'.

mac hall, the other webcomic. a slice-of-life semi fictional autobiography of some guys in college. (also their current comic, three panel soul)

images from 2003
mac hall  vs  applegeeks

images from 2005
mac hall  vs applegeeks