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Sep 20 13 6:17 PM

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Comics currently being considered for reviewing. This list will err on the side of review it now bitch. Check out any that catch your interest, we need reviewers. When you finish a review, please post in this thread to notify the general populace, or link it off of the site index yourself.Initial listing courtesy of DrShaym. 
LAST UPDATED: 09/21/2013
  • The FAN
  • Bridges
  • Farewell Feeling
  • Evon
  • Moon Daughters
  • The Little Merman
  • Olympic Dames
  • Leetstreet Boys
  • Drips-n'-Dreggs
  • The way to your heart - REWARD: A customized avatar for whoever reviews this shit!
  • Ginger's Bread
  • Jam and the Solutions
  • B.I.T.C.H. Squad
  • Drinking Peaches
  • Get your War On
  • Girl Genius
  • Comics in Diguise
  • Last Res0rt
  • Anhedonia Blue
  • Anthema
  • Elle and the Others
  • The Office Bitch - asocialnobody and Oddguy are writting the review
  • Zombie Bitch Night - Comic's short and dead since forever, if you can bundle it with the other comics the author claims having done, go for it.
  • Applebuck
  • Hookie Dookie Panic
  • Blech Dimension Comics
  • Redd
  • Angel Warrior

If you want to help, just ask OddGuy or me.

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Heavy User

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#6 [url]

Sep 23 13 3:20 PM

I've begun to read To Save Her. Getting through it is proving to be a challenge, I feel like there's a bunch of shit I should know but none of it is elaborated on. The walls of text don't help either.

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Long Tom

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#10 [url]

Sep 24 13 6:41 PM

"Ask Altair" is evidently still continuing, though the comics have no dates on them.  OK to review it?

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Long Tom

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#19 [url]

Oct 24 13 2:10 PM

I made some other corrections on top of that.  But I consider this whole website a group effort involving each and every member, and expect people to change my reviews as needed (say, if I fail to explain something properly), and I make alterations to other reviews that I feel would improve things.  Expanding the Luiigian's review of "Sabrina-Online", for example, which was dated and said too little about the actual comic.

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