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Jun 12 16 11:31 AM

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As much as I think it was for the best that the thread that spawned this was deleted, I'm sad that we didn't get to continue shitposting / posting pictures of pets / talking about Goat's whip collection. I figured I'd restart the thread here in case anyone wanted to keep posting. Also, if whoever deleted the previous thread would be so kind to restore the relevant posts, if that's even possible. If not we'll just pick up where we left off.

I managed to have the second page still open on my browser before the thread was killed, I'll repost some of Goat's and Sindy's commentary simply because it kills me every time I read it.
You're quite right, Shan. It could very well be someone who doesn't like the comic or its author. I shouldn't touch the keyboard when I'm sore and cranky and freshly woken up. 
As an apology, here's my dog. He's a five year old rescued Africanis Midlander, his name is Kaine. No clear pics of it here, but his tail is a naturally short bob. or at least we think so; all his littermates had short tails of the same length and they do not end abruptly as if cut or chewn off. 



And he has natural guyliner and built-in eyebrows. This boy's provided plenty of reference for Maniere over the years. Unlike the Afghan Hound he is an absolute sweetheart, though.


Anyway, here's to ignoring trolls and/or their derailing threads with pet photos.


As I was TRYING to post repeatedly, because I had to put my dog down last October, I don't want to wallow in self pity, so getting back to posting some pussy.
Sexy pussy.

Wet pussy I hear is to be desired.

Twin pussy isn't just for everybody.

Pussy has a nasty habit of interfering with work.

A little known fact, but your pussy should in fact NOT smell of fish! If it does, you need to check the source immediately.



Is no one going to ask why Goat has a bullwhip?


It's South Africa. Rivals Australia in the Wildlife Masquerading As Unstoppable Death Machines stakes.

 In the interest of spamming this thread, and because I fucking love my whip, I am going to tell you so much about my whip right now hold on to your sausage canoes, my dear plarbly plarblman and friends! Even though you technically did not ask. It's too late. It's happening. 

1. I live on a farm. This farm contains animals, as farms are wont to do. I use it for animal control from everything to invading pigs and jizz-slinging shitmonkeys to guiding and calling my own dog. ( Also thanks Sindy! He's my precious bub, but he's also a fantastic guard dog for me and the farm.) Not ever hitting them with it obviously; just by sound. Of course, if a rampant bull or cow brings it to that, so be it. They often try to hop the fences for better pastures and can land up stuck or killed. For technically just being a tennant, I do a lot of farm and animal management around Lydgate.

2. It's also for protection, as Shan guessed. Along with asshole animals, we're prone around these parts to asshole burglars and even bigger asshole xenophobic farmer-killers 'reclaiming the land'. It's a more practical self defense weapon than one might imagine before having handled one personally. They can do a hell of a lot more than sting. even by accident. It's also very intimidating, and rather surprising for a lady to rock up to a property defense/honor/vengeance fight with. I'm also handy with skinning knives, high heeled boots, canes, weighted gloves and umbrellas, for the record. I try to be resourceful and aim for being able to kill with anything I have at my disposal as quickly as possible; like a non-family friendly ginger Jackie Chan with tits.

3. Did the above sound weird things to know how to do? I'm something of a 'method actor' with important characters. I'll study their knowledge and learn their trades as much as I can to depict them believably. I have a lot of time for this due to being too chronically ill to work conventionally for many years. I train physically with whips and weights as exercise and therapy whenever I'm able to - which at times admittedly is not saying much. One of the characters in Parydissia fights with a modified whip and I wanted to know how the weapon worked first hand to keep it believable. All of the above lead me to purchasing my first whip, Ivy. She's a 6.8ft long nylon twelve plait bullwhip; lightweight, quick, vicious, good for learning and highly responsive.

4. I've come to accept and even indulge in that the fact that I'm a pretty scary lady, and I just plain love whips. I also really like whipping people and things, given the appropriate circumstances.

6. Wrapping, targetting and cracking techniques are very rewarding challenges to get right, and can be quite entertaining and useful.

5. I intend to purchase more whips, including a very heavy bullwhip style specifically intended for combat; it's thick and heavy enough to break bones and kill. It also includes a weighted handle used for melee bashing. It should be noted, as seen, that all whip handles have a weighted end. Why. even my sleek little Ivy can cave your nose in! She's bruised me and cut skin with a simple miss-flick through the grass; accidental contact full on would be devastating.

7. Nylon is easy to keep clean and plays nicely with all weather conditions (looks rad as hell in mist and rain) but leather has a lovely look, smell and feel. The best leather is kangaroo hide - the only leather kind I'd get if gotten. Sorry, kangaroos. Very pricy though, it'd be a while.

The more you know!♒★

You can AMA about whips and literally anything else. I am a walking compendium for weird shit. I'm so sorry about your dog, Sindy :c I know the pain too well. These gusy are ADORABLE though aw, that tank fish pic! Your last kitty has such gorgeous eyes.♡


"scary lady" is kind of redundant when we already know "South African". We know better than to cross swords with your people but then being Australians, we'll do it anyway.


​I see where this is gonna go...

​Also, thanks ♥~
​Everyone in this thread has beautiful pussies.

​that Goat likes to whip
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Jun 12 16 5:03 PM

Fuck it. Someone has to restart shitposting, and I'm bored and got some time to kill without actually being able to do something relevant.
​Sadly I'm completely out of pussy pictures I can take out of context, and I know nothing about whips or African wildlife, so here's some fun facts about Russia in World War II:

Russia lost the Winter War (1939-1940, vs Finland) because:
​- Stalin and his generals were overconfident that the Finns would just roll over and give up, like Poland and the Baltic countries had done
​- Stalin had previously arrested/executed his military commanding officers because he was afraid of treason. This meant a lot of the new officers had zero experience and weren't particularly bright, since they were mainly people he trusted as opposed to qualified people
​- The majority of the Russian soldiers were from south/south-east, because "qualified" people thought the Russians who had lived next to Finns for their whole lives would be reluctant to kill Finns. Sadly, the southeners weren't used to that low temperatures, which brought down morale.
- Logistics were shit. The Russian soldiers were isolated, with no real food supplies and no warm food at all, no easy rotation to rest, no readily available anything, really. A lot of them resorted to eating their horses or even cannibalism (very very rare incidence, but there are a few reports of it). Morale was completely down in the dumps.
​- No winter camouflage was issued. Their infantry and even scouts had dark green uniforms. Anyone who's seen a movie can attest to the fact that snow tends not to be green.
​- Coordination and tactics were awful. A lot of men died in stupid offensives led by stupid commanders. Offensives in which the Finnish line was never reached.
​- Widespread use of tanks was a relatively new thing at this point and thought more powerful than they really were. Tank divisions were very small (20-50) and uncoordinated, as well as uncoordinated with the infantry. So Finns could pick off a tank at a time and disable it.
​- Convoys on the move had to be spread in thin long lines due to the terrain. Finns would just pick at the front/end of the convoy with no opposition.
​- The few times Russian troops had managed to sneak behind Finnish lines were wasted by idiotic commanding decisions yet again.

Finns on the other hand:
​- Had really good moral and logistical support for their troops, all things considered. Warm food, letters from home, all that.
​- Although undermanned and underteched, they made far fewer commanding mistakes than the Russians and tried to make every bullet count.
​- They had a lot of small groups of snipers on skis that were highly mobile and hard to spot. They would easily pick at any Russians on the move (or not).
​- Molotov cocktails. They invented Molotov cocktails to take down tanks, and if you think your favorite ficitonal scene with a Molotov cocktail is hardcore, you haven't heard of Finnish soldiers running solo behind tanks to throw a Molotov cocktail in the engine. Or ram logs in the wheels/treads.
​- Balls of reinforced steel.

​The majority of the dead Russian soldiers were never identified, recovered, properly honored, or even mentioned as having died. Stalin released far smaller casualty numbers than were real.
Because Hitler saw Russia get owned by a random country, he thought he had a chance to beat them as well. However:

Russia beat Germany when they marched on Stalingrad in winter 1942-1943 because:
​- Every single mistake Russians did in the Winter War, Germans did now.

​Russians, on the other hand:
​- Now had snow camo on a lot of the infantry and all of their scout / sniper teams. Also, skis.
- They had brand new tanks (the famous T-34 and KV-1), now in better coordinated, higher number divisions, no longer subject to just being picked apart.
​- More competent commanders, and more motivated and cared for troops (just a wee bit though).
​- Balls of steel.

​However, while both wars were tactically interesting and had millions of brave soldiers (ackowledged as such on all sides), neither war is widely portrayed in fiction because not enough America beating Hitler with freedom and eagleburgers.

e: Should've opened with this since a lot of people on this forum seem to like metal, but here's some awesome and relevant songs:
Winter War

Battle of Kursk, part of the 1942-1943 Germany to Russia campaign

For more three-minute-sized history lessons told to you via metal, check Sabaton out I suppose. It's dangerous to go alone, take this.

Now your resident fucking commie will take a break from shitposting.

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Jan 10 17 6:56 PM

Pink Rabbit wrote:
I don't have a pet to post pictures off unless dust bunnies are acceptable.

My dude. That was a slick joke you just told there.

This is a thing I wish I had as a pet.


I don't actually know what this thread is about.

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