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Oct 24 16 1:24 PM

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I found this comic at Webcomic Overlook and I spent some time reading it. It's a bit like VGCats (except not the tasteless/obscene/stupid expressions in the last panel) should have been, really. Being a bit younger than VGCats (starting in 2011), it means that it tends to explore topics that everyone else did in 2005-2008. A lot of the early games focus on things like Portal and Zelda, fairly well-trodden ground but still fun.

The main catch is the cat talks but his "human" doesn't understand him. So while Gamercat can access the Internet and get paid as being part of a live help line (presumably text-based), he can't play online games that have voice chat or buy games in retail stores.

Fairly on, he meets Glitch (as named by GC's "human"), a stray kitten, and teaches him to play hardcore games to some consequences. While it isn't tasteless like VGCats is, it does have some kind of gross moments, which I have to admit I laughed at.

Anyway, so far, it's fun and looks like it might replace the Brawl in the Family shaped hole in my webcomic reading life since that comic ended a few years back.
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Oct 28 16 8:59 PM

It's cute! It doesn't make me laugh out loud but it does manage to cheer me up.

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Oct 29 16 9:10 AM

I like Gamercat.

Adding more cats was a pretty good move, too. It's lighthearted and not too serious.

Thanks to Gamercat I was introduced to another comic that kept being fed to me while I went to Tapastic was "Mini Comics" It also has cats.

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Oct 31 16 7:58 AM

It's one of my favorite comics and it doesn't try to be offensive like VG Cats does.

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