Oct 28 16 1:18 AM

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just so we don't always talk about how bad some webcomics are, I figured I'd broach a tricky feat that few webcomics IMO manage to pull off: Parallel plots and storylines

sure, multiple characters can have arcs at the same time - damn near every good comic does that - but that usualy all happens within the same storyline, within the same plot, within the same setting.

Having more than one of those can get tricky.

Some dabble in it, say with a single main character that goes back and forth between worlds - Think spiderman: he has his superhero stuff, and his personal life, but often the characters in both get mixed up

I would present this comic: http://www.poisonedminds.com/ as a great example of how to have to parallel storylines. They play off each other, because one is in the present and the other in the future, but at the same time you have no idea how they'll get from the present state to the future (You only know that it probably wont be a fun ride...)

sure, you'll need to archive binge through the comic to get all this - but its a fun ride. Plus, as a side bonus: The comic contains the IMO best represation of a, albeit fictional, functional anarchist state.

Thoughts? Anyone else know of comics with parralle plots or settings that are shown side by side in the comic?