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Nov 23 16 1:36 AM

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I've been sponsoring this one for over a year now,actually (hadn't realised it had been so long until I went back and looked). Coincidentally overlapping a major plot point with Shattered Starlight with that of a seeming civilian stumbling into the midst of a previously hidden magical world existing out of sight of our own (also through witnessing a rather violent crime). This one was first, though and the non-magical human is the main character in this one as opposed to a supporting one. Both have made it increasingly obvious as to their respective characters have more going on than was first apparent which led to them being able to see such supernatural things in the first place,

Quite enjoying both the art and how the story is unfolding on this one. I know it's on tumblr but the creator has been planning to shift it to its own website as soon as they're able. They'd also been hoping to make enough to work on it full-time, which they managed a few months back after a steady climb in their Patreon subscribers.

Edit (12:20AM 25th November Friday 2016): I knew I should have checked first. It's already got a non-tumblr website which they did say they were going to switch to once they could.

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#1 [url]

Nov 24 16 12:20 PM

ok... strike one: its on tumblr

but ok...


Art quality? Good - smells of college art major. hair, cloth, shading - its all quite nice.

Blazing through the first couple dozen pages: Our main character is a painfully bland not-so-ditzy but very blank-slate blond girl, who gets hired at a club.

The twist? The club is of course a place for the local secret magic people. And of course her employer didn't really clue her in. However, unlike a lot of other comics where this would be the "harry potter: you are a wizard" moment - then this is taken via a horror route: She stumbles across a magic woman who is disolving into flower petals:

now that is one hell of a way to throw your main character down a rabbit hole - though, spending 30 pages to get there did make it a bit boring. Oh and the ghost of the dead woman does... something... to the girl - which isn't really explained to begin with.

Now that is a hell of a hook - too bad it was on page 30-40-something, not on page 10.

so ya - this looks really interesting - but it also comes off as really fucking slow to get its shit together. I'm 30 pages after that 'event' - and the plot... has basically not really moved an inch. we don't know what happened. she doesn't know what happened. the magical police (lolwut?) doesn't know. Oh and apparently the club owner gets random spoopy prophecies.

page 60 into the comic: apparently our main character's glass cut on her palm has turned into a magic flower-shaped mark.

page 63-ish... this is the first time we get some actual background on the main character. Ya that's not how this is supposed to work.

page 95 - apparently magic marks are all the rage - and you can't get an explanation for them. Fucking lazy ass writing.

Ok - so I've said nice things about the art - which is nice - and if this comic actually does update twice a week, then that's rather impressive.

The bad thing about the comic: It comes off as meandering. I'm honestly not even sure if the maker of it writes scripts... or plans more than a page or two ahead.

Like, it jumps all over the place - mainly between the club staff/owner, the magic police woman, the main character and later on briefly on some kind of villain-looking person. Character introductions? Not happening. main character freaking out over magic? Nah - surprisingly little reaction there. Oh sure, she's traumatized over finding the dead woman... who disintegrated into petals and somehow marked her magically - but magic being real? no fuck that, that's apparently normie bullshit.

I mean, she doesn't even seem to question taht a police investigator knows about magic

basically - either this is a setting where magic is commonplace, which it is NOT since there is a page or two where the main character is at the club and goes "lol I saw some dude with totally fake horns out on the dance floor, those can't be real" - so magic people are not common knowledge...

so ya - basically we know fuck all about the setting, even 100 pages in (that's all there is in the archive) - and for a magic mystery comic like thsi, then that is really BAD. If you want to communicate mystery, then you damn well better explain why shit is mysterious, and not just confusing. Like, is this girl just stupid when it comes to magic, or are we talking harry potter style secret magic parallel society? Because that will very heavily influence whether this shit is mysterious and suspenceful or not.

so ya

I'm not saving this one for my comic bookmarks. 100 pages in and I don't know what is happening, the main character girl seems to be a ragdoll who lets whatever weaksauce plot comes her way drag her around - she's not stopping and asking WTF is going on, everyone else seems to think that this is business as usual - despite magic being secret, but everyone seems to know it? wtf

if the artist has a dA account, I'd probably watch that, but not this comic

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#2 [url]

Nov 24 16 12:48 PM

Fair enough. I like the rate that the story is unfolding at myself but then I guess it helps that I did archive binge a lot of it when I first found it and then saved up pages 80 to 104 or thereabouts (I have access to more that's not publicly available yet) until last week.

I'll have to go back and read it again to remind myself but I'm thinking it's going with the hidden magical world running parallel to the civilian one the rest of us inhabit, and that the seemingly normal individual from our world that's stumbled into it ... actually isn't.

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#3 [url]

Nov 26 16 8:56 AM

I'm here to disagree with the previous posts, as usual.

I think the pacing and the fact that nothing is explained is actually HELPING the story here. We follow the clueless main character. It's clearly a world where magic is separate from humans. Basically, Harry Potter. There's muggles, there's those that are sensitive to magic but can't practice it, and there's wizards. But replace with vampires or whatever. Our chick is an in-betweener. It's not rocket science, and it's why she can both see some of the things, and why she knows jack shit. And we know jack shit. It's actually decent writing and it's used for effect, it's just slow.

I gotta admit I love that when the point of view changes, the character appearances change too. Emil is... whatever the fuck he is with his whiter spots, while Whatshername sees him as a human. Same with the vampires and all. It's something I liked once I confirmed it wasn't me imagining that Emil grew spots.

The art is simple and sweet, consistent, and appealing. Started bothering me that everyone is permanently in 3/4th view with no camera angle changes, but I'll admit it's hard to vary.

What I hate is the clumsy, unlucky protagonist (SERIOUSLY, STOP. DOING. THIS. SHIT.), although the opening page is sure something everyone can relate to, so at least it gets people to read 2-3 pages. Good choice there. Not so good with her failing at everything and being a luck repellent.
The other thing I hate is the fucking prophecy, which I can't take seriously at this point anymore. It's also been overdone to hell and back.

But overall, I will be keeping this in my bookmarks, for a change, which currently is... uhhh.... 5 comics. So, thanks, Shan.

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#4 [url]

Nov 26 16 2:33 PM

sindy - I get what you mean about keeping the protagonist as in the dark as the reader, but my issue is that after a hundred pages neither the main character OR us as readers know what is going on... and I think some freaking exposition is in order to simply nail down the setting, due to the inconsistencies about magic and the society the girl lives in.

she is not freaking out enough about having been introduced to magic - and when that other special snowflake looking dude shows up to her places (in one of the last dozen or so pages before current page) and says that he also has a magic mark... well, she asks what's up with them and he just says he can't explain it. and she accepts that without any question.

...I wanted to punch the writer of the comic in the face for that! The first actual request for some exposition in the comic and its simply shut down and not questioned!!!!

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#5 [url]

Nov 26 16 4:40 PM

OK, I was coming back to this, I just went to reread it all.

First, that non-tumblr link again.

Secondly, it's about 100 pages, true ... but on the other hand, it's only about 100 pages. I was able to shoot through them pretty fast.

Basically, what Sindy said. We more or less only see what the main character sees and not too much outside that in terms of the structure of that secret society past what is needed to propel things forward (and can't rely on just what the main character herself has seen). As the lead character learns more, more is revealed.

I found the freakout not unrealistic in that sometimes, people do hold things in and let it out in a burst and then switch it off again for a while at least.

"and when that other special snowflake looking dude shows up to her places (in one of the last dozen or so pages before current page) and says that he also has a magic mark... well, she asks what's up with them and he just says he can't explain it. and she accepts that without any question."


"...I wanted to punch the writer of the comic in the face for that! The first actual request for some exposition in the comic and its simply shut down and not questioned!!!!"

Now cool your jets there, cowboy. As I chip in the odd $ or two since last year, I've seen the next 5 pages you can't yet. Suffice to say exposition (including that very issue) has just boarded an express train that's picking up speed in what seems to a big way on a way to Exposition Central Station (which I probably will find out in another Patreon dump at the end of the month).

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#6 [url]

Dec 3 16 5:22 PM

Here's three conveniently adjacent pages that highlight things I like about this webcomic in terms of the art.



Crowds (and more lights);

Nice job all round, at least to my untrained self.

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