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Feb 13 14 12:01 PM

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Others have already wanted to post a review of Karbo's infamous giantess vore comic, Felarya.

Some samples here:

The manga series can be purchased in PDF format here:

Question: does this classify as a "webcomic" if it's not for free distribution or online reading? No, it doesn't, of course, but will you accept it? Just asking because if I get the permission, I'll gladly post a review. It's on my list for a while now. Also, Karbo posts some free comic strips and shorts on his DA page.

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#1 [url]

May 21 17 7:10 PM

Felarya is good masturbatory material, if you ignore the vore.

Joking aside, it is some kind of fetish thing. Like, I'm not even sure what could be criticized about it. Art looks good. Stories are all "giant women eat small people". Not much to criticize here except shaming someone's kink. It's a weird as fuck kink, but so long they don't get into cannibalism, fap away.

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Long Tom

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#2 [url]

May 28 17 1:24 PM

It's difficult to say.  We did review "Boston and Shaun", a stuffing fetishism webcomic, but mostly because it looked superficially like a family entertainment cartoon.  "Bridgette's Belly" also was reviewed, though it did not pretend to be for children.  "Kit 'n' Kay Boodle" got reviewed because it was such extreme porn.  But I think we could use more votes.

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