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Mar 22 17 8:27 PM

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Found out about this comic from some short of Cartoon video review:

But don't let the cartoon characters that were reviewing it distract you from the subject at had.

It seems to have the ingredients of a bad comic but is it worth reviewing?

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#1 [url]

Mar 23 17 1:36 AM

Lets have a quick look

ok, first impression: Someone likes the color purple

secondly, the three characters on display on the front page... some here cannot draw faces worth a damn - also furry

also, no comic on the front page - in fact, I had to look hard to find a link to the current comic... its not really that clear - big fail on page layout

All that said, then there is a big link to a youtube vid that introduces the comic:
- the TL:DR is that its a furry 80s/90s style superhero comic. That's it.
- the channel has a lot of videos about the comic
- the guy making the videos has a shit microphone

the comic is written by a guy and drawn by a woman.

Ok, so lets look at the fucking comic itself: - of course its in issues, which aren't really numbered, but the top left one is issue one. Again, fail on the layout score.

no hold on, lets introduce the super heroes first:


Real name: Veronica “Vibes” Hannah McAllister
Powers: a range of different ‘modes’:
– strength: becomes extra powerful
– speed: becomes a lot faster
– shield: projects protective force field
– stealth: turns her invisible
– steal: takes on both powers and physical form
– psychic: rangesfrom memory wiping to visions
Weaknesses: inflates on contact with caramel! (sounds rather... fetish-like)


Full name: Dr “Anty” Antibiotix
Skills: shaman/therapist
Weapons: his variety of potions, including:
– astral projection
– teleportation
– exploding
Weaknesses: can be a bit naive,; sometimes clashes with Rotecal’s gruffness


Full name: Rotecal Mechanique
Skills: inventor/mechanic
Weapons: a variety of gadgets, including:
– the Explorer (time/space travelling SUV)
– projection suits
– laser shurikens


Real name: Sally “Sal” Joanna Sabrina Vixen
Powers: super strength, agility and flight
Weapon: a pole with an electric taser built in
Weaknesses: body dismorphia (convinced she is fat even though she is not) - so, superwoman who thinks she's fat? points for originality


Name: Guillermo “G” Roberto del Zorro Rodriguez
Powers: super strength, flight, enhanced senses
Weapon: hook gun
Weaknesses: prone to passionate outbursts; his obsessiveness can be manipulated by his enemies


Real name: Monsieur Tux
Occupation: expert chef, handy with knives
Weaknesses: can only communicate in French!

now for the comic:

I looked at issue 1, and the latest issue.

Issue 1, first page:

issue 26, first page:

quick note about the web pages that the comics are on: again, super fail on the layout. apparently the fucking twitter feed loads before the actual comic loads! and its embedded in some HTML bullshit so you have to click and drag with your mouse to 'flip the pages'. This is autism levels of "lets make this a real comic book on the internet". Super fucking fail. And because of this embedding shit the whole issue has to pre-load, which takes fucking ages unless you're on a really good connection. Just load one page at a time! FAIL!

So... its a world with humans and furries. The art looks very sub-par, even for the furry fandom - and that's look at the issue 26 cover. The cover art for issue 1 looks like it was done by a different artist.

..ya, this thing does reek of something where the artist chews through several artists who just end up leaving once they get fed up with him. Wouldn't be the first comic to work like that.

But ok, issue 1 art quality: Babby's first furry drawings on deviantart. CWC's sonichu art is only marginally worse than this. Like, this is truly "this is the very first time I have ever drawn anything with any effort put into it - its shit" level

Issue 26: anatomy is a good deal better, but it all looks like something that was sketched and drawn in fucking MS paint, or with a fifteen year old version of photoshop. Like, Gene Catlow had a very oldschool style of art, but this? This is just bad.

Final verdict:

Yes, this a bad comic. I haven't been able to read that much into the actual content of it - because the fucking flip-page-bullshit doesn't load properly for me. If my laptop can stream youtube vids fine, but not handle these things, then you know its crap.

It is a bad comic. Just read a few pages in issue 26. The effects and art alone is 1998 grade. On that alone I would argue that it warrents a wiki entry. There is no excuse for making a webcomic that looks that bad today.

as for plot and whatnot... no clue - again, the majority of comic pages wouldn't load for me. but this looks bad

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#3 [url]

Mar 23 17 7:50 AM

Long Tom wrote:
Oh, God, the YouTube advertisement alone is enough to qualify this webcomic for a listing here!  Anthro foxes?  How...original!

oh no, its big-breated anthro foxes

And honestly, the art style... It reminds me of webcomics from the early 2000s. 

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