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Jacob Jones

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Apr 1 17 2:50 PM

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​I am shocked...Shocked and disgusted.

​I am so shocked and disgusted you would not believe it.

​I cannot for the life of me believe that Sonichu, the greatest webcomic in the history of mankind is on this wikia whilst other webcomics that are far more deserving such as Dreamkeepers, Spying with Lana and Dr. McNinja are ignored or even worse treated as GOOD.

​If you only knew how much time Chris Chan (the nicest, smartest and definitely not intolerent) spent working on his webcomic, you would weep with joy.

​Look at this photo:
​Seriously, that is the work of a god.

​Honestly, if we are to be taken seriously as a wiki; we must fix this incredibly biased hitpiece (I REFUSE to call it a 'review') and give him the respect he deserves.

​If not, then I promise that I will hang up my Bad Webcomics Wiki and head off to greener pastures. It's your choice BWW. Either change or stick with the status quo.

​P.S: If you took this seriously, especially of today of all days, I encourage you to leave the internet now and never come back.
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#2 [url]

Apr 3 17 6:51 AM

Lt Art Major wrote:
What did OP mean by this?

Its supposed to be an April's Fool's joke.

I had been tempted to put up one of my o;d comics of the BWW's Most Wanted Section, and half-jokingly diss the heck out of it myself, but then I thought better of it.

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