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Apr 9 17 9:10 AM

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I normally just undo changes when stuff like this happens (I did), but this is interesting to mention. Somebody took our Mamabliss review and rewrote it completely. You can compare both reviews here (left original, right rewritten).

I have no comment; I didn't read it because it's too long. Does anyone care?
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Apr 10 17 1:53 PM

I read a good chunk of it and it doesn't seem malicious (it doesn't defend mamabliss or their work nor it tries to troll the wiki), in fact in some parts it builds up from what the first reviewer wrote. I think the problem here is that, whoever did it, didn't tell in the forums they had an update for the review and went ahead and changed it while nobody was looking, which goes against the rules as far as I understand them.
If whoever did that change is serious about their update getting approved, I think they will come here and have a civilized chat now that the subject was brought up. Otherwise, their work should stay undone.

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