Apr 11 17 6:24 PM

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So, if anyone's interested; I now have a fanfic on Archive of our Own. (Think fanfiction.net mixed with Reddit)

​It's based off of a reality show named Hell's Kitchen. Hell's Kitchen is a show hosted by famed British chef Gordon Ramsay and it follows a pretty simple format; Ramsay takes eighteen chefs and puts them into two teams, (red being ladies and blue being men) every week they will perform a challenge and a service. The winner of a challenge gets a nice reward while the losers have to perform some sort of punishment.

​Services are usually the meat and bones of the show, where most of the drama happens. At the end of the service, the team that did worse has to nominate two people for elimination. (Sometimes, if both teams are really  bad; they both lose.) Once the two chefs are chosen, they have to explain to Ramsay why they should stay. (It should be noted that the person eliminated is not always on the losing team, sometimes; they may be eliminated from the show before service even ends)

​By the final six, the teams merge into one and from there on, they compete to be in the final two. The last chef standing gets to go work at a resteraunt of Ramsay's choosing and gets a salary of $250,000.

​This fanfic is basically a tribute to the show and some of it's most controversial and loved contestants. Here, thirty two contestants compete to determine who the best is. There are three teams instead of two, (The gold team consists of previous Hell's Kitchen winners) Marino gets an assistant, cameos everywhere, it's crazy.

​So, if you guys are interested in telling me what your initial thoughts are: http://archiveofourown.org/works/10575501/chapters/23369037 (It's only one chapter right now, but give it time.)