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Apr 18 17 1:17 PM

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Ok, I know that by having a webcomic on the same page this is kind of hypocrite from me, but this has been eating me up inside:

Is this comic bad, or the jelausy part of my brain is making me think is bad? because a lot of people seem to like it:

it´s basically the same cliched love triangle argument with nothing new, not even the mermaid parts imho, but if you like it I´m interested in knowing why
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#1 [url]

Apr 18 17 3:46 PM

- autoplaying music, fuck no
- art style is ok, babby's first generic manga artist
- format is mile long mega scroll? Fuck no hate that shit

I would call it painfully generic, if nothing else - but aside from the shit-tier format, then I'm not sure its that bad. Generic? hell yes, but bad? not sure

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#2 [url]

Apr 18 17 10:23 PM

 art style is ok, babby's first generic manga artist

*Sobs because I'm a failure at the art of the animu bwah bwah art*

But yeah, the music's nice but three problems: A) I'm a purist who gets easily irritated with these "OOOHH LOOK IT MOVES/HAS MOOSIC/CAN BE PLAYED LIKE A GAME" comics. Comics are meant to be treated as a[n eventual] print medium, do a proper motion comic or animatic on youtube if you wanna go this route. B) There is no pause button or even a mute button, so I'm forced to stop whatever it is that I ACTUALLY wanna listen to lest I be wanting to punch myself for having two tabs spewing out sound. C) I am a fast reader and literally just scroll through, so I'm not getting the full effect of the music anyways since I believe the author and composer were intending for certain beats of the story to sync with certain notes for a stronger effect--which brings me back to A.

There's a reason those Tumblr scroll through music...things have the lyrics written on there to follow with the song. Such as in any form of media, EVERY ELEMENT YOU ADD MUST BE ACCOUNTED AND ACCOMIDATED FOR. You can't just throw in sound and have it NOT severally impact the pacing and way that the reader interacts with the comic (such as being forced to stop everything in order to read+listen). What doesn't help is that the music is stupidly slow (...appropriate tone wise...I guess...), so as a fast reader I have to force myself to slow down--a lot--without any real indication if I'm still fast, slowing down enough, or going TOO slow. It's enough to just take me out of becoming immersed because I'm being made to overthink my own reading habits.
It's a slow story that I know isn't gonna have much going on outside of the romance drama--that honestly should've been avoided YEARS AGO if the main chick knew HOW TO TALK. It's seriously a bad sign for a romance story if the time spent developing the "most likely OTP"'s history actually stabs holes into the main conflict. This ENTIRE STORY wouldn't have happened if she was honest with her feelings at least ONCE during her and her crush's friendship. What's worse is that as an audience WE ALREADY KNOW that this willow of a main character is gonna slog through another [however long this story takes place] of more lying and avoiding her confession towards the "most likely OTP" dude, as well as wasting time with another "possible but not rly OTP" disguised as an actual conflict. I dunno, I might be wrong, I've only made it halfway through "Ep.7" before being overtly irritated about the music. I honestly doubt that I am though since there is legit nothing going on with this character outside of this crush and even then, until now--nothing has been going on with that either. What's her face (Lyla? Lylea?) has no family to speak of, her flower shop is paid for and has steady business, she's not in college or any other activities to speak of, nothing about her personality sticks out, and she seems to have emotional flaws that cripple her generic strengths, again, without them there wouldn't be a story. No motivations for any of the characters, even Ian, with as confused as he is of the results, still gets his opportunity to walk around as a human when he's outside of large bodies of water. At most the creators are gonna throw at the story--if anything drastic at all--is some sort of "we gotta fix whatever's wrong with this siren thing or else one/both of us are gonna die!" Still doesn't negate the fact that this story has a huge glaring hole in it. 

As far as the art, I was overall okay with it...noticed a few things within the corner of my sroll throughs...then I cracked once I got to "Ep. 6"


It's the worst kinda webcomic art that just feels cheap without going into pixel territory. "Deceptively pretty until you pay attention and notice a bunch of shortcuts being made everywhere" or "Look at these pretty ppl (PLZ IGNORE THE BACKGROUNDS)." It starts as a nagging feeling as you glimpse through the images for the necessary information, but the more you get an eye-full the more obvious it's there. Did this chick draw ANY of the backgrounds? I looked back again (at "Ep.0") and yeah, she drew some backgrounds that are not up to par with her characters but even in Episode mother freakin' 0 there are premade backgrounds being used or 3d software being used. I don't get why she couldn't just use the 3d renders as references instead of just plopping them in there. IT LOOKS CHEAP. LIKE COPY/PASTE THEN ENLARGING WITH VISIBLE PIXELS EVERYWHERE LOOKS CHEAP!

I'm not impressed. There's nothing really gripping about this story sans the music gimmick (and it's a negative as far as I'm concerned). I would've read more but I'm already tired of reading+listening to it and I doubt I'd be willing to invest the time to do so. 

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#5 [url]

Apr 21 17 8:10 PM

"please have the music on for this chapter" no. absolutely not.

The art is alright, but the artist clearly only knows how to draw people, considering the backgrounds are almost always a jarring google sketchup render, that is, when they don't make the characters surrounded by ethereal light. It's also very sketchy and unpolished at times, and a lot of the characters have very samey faces and body types. I'm sorry, but I just can't buy that Lyra is some everyman when she looks like a fashion model

Also, a lot of the dialougue is very unnatural and on-the-nose. Like when Lyra's friend is lecturing her in episode 1.

The whole thing just feels like an anime visual novel. And heck, considering this person is willing to compose music and make 3D background renders, they may as well have just made one.

The comic itself isn't outwardly awful or anything, but if someone made a review of it here I wouldn't protest it.

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