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Apr 23 17 3:11 PM

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     There's one art style that's extremely popular on tumblr lately, and I have no idea how anyone likes this shit. They're trying to make their art ugly, super bright and eyestrainy as a throwback to shitty early 2000s deviantart furries, but there's a good reason we laugh at those and don't strive for that aesthetic. Ironically ugly art is still fucking ugly, I don't care if you call it "kidcore" or whatever.

     Anyways, someone decided to make a webcomic with this aesthetic, and it's obviously terrible. There's something really strange about an adult trying to mimic the art style and humor of an edgy 11 year old, while also including sexual themes like bottles of cum and corpse-fucking... also, the constant insert of outdated tumblr memes is really annoying, and is going to age terribly (even more than it already has). If they wanted to go for an ironically mature version of shitty deviantart furries (for whatever goddamn reason) they could have at least matured the color palettes, too. You can draw colorful things without blinding half your audience, you know.

^     There it is if you feel like obtaining acute onset clinical depression and triggering the epilepsy you never knew you had. The author acknowledges that the art is terrible, but that self awareness isn't going to pay anyone's medical bills.
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Long Tom

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Apr 23 17 6:27 PM

I don't know if this qualifies, but typically we avoid reviewing troll webcomics, e. g. ones that are deliberately meant to be bad as part of the joke.

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Apr 27 17 4:14 PM

I don't know if it counts as a troll if the person legitimately loves this kind of shit and says it's their "coping mechanism"... It is on purpose, and it contains humor but it's not exactly a joke.

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