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Apr 23 17 7:00 PM

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Brought this up in the Is This Comic Bad? section and people seemed to agree it was. The artwork is decent enough, but the male fanservice and melodrama makes the whole comic an unpleasent experience. Even worse is the fact that in order to get the lastest pages you have to be subscribed to a web magazine, while the free version updates very very slowly.

I'm more than willing to make a review for it, I just need the OK.
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Apr 24 17 11:46 PM

>paywalling the latest content (this is IMO unforgivable when it comes to webcomics)
>generic albeit reasonably well drawn faux-animu art style

oh and i noticed that "sparkler monthly" hosts a couple dozen different webcomics. Ok, and basically all of them have the bulk of their archives and content hidden behind that lovely paywall - and they all look like shitty teen melodrama with hints of tumblr-style shit-art

I mean, look at this:

luckily its damn near entirely paywalled

but Magical How? Five pages of wangst, and then a magic egg person fairy thing flies in through a a magic portal - and then its magical girl style "become a magical girl for me and you'll get some help from me" bullshit

this reeks of someone having seen Madoka Magica and thinking "I can make a snarky comic about a boy who gets zapped into shit like that - hell ya, transvestite magical boy/girl time!"
- the gimmick seems to be that its a boy who's dressed up and given powers like a magical girl
- and the fairy is a floating cum stain who smokes cigars and talks like a boston gangster

as for 'male fanservice' - then I had to look for a while to get to any: the first chapter (page 0 to 16) doesn't exactly have much - a single panel of the black-haired girl as a magical girl? I'm not even sure that counts - but I guess that depends on how you define fan service

If anything I'd argue that the comic is going for girl-service, since the pink haired fucker is apparently a boy - despite being drawn with basically the same facial structure and whatnot as the black haired girl. Not impressed, but very... deviantart, or tumblr.

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