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Apr 24 17 3:00 PM

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So I was reading the review for Earthsong and I was interested in checking the comic out because the art looked interesting and I wanted to see how bad the comic was for myself.
Only all of the links the review provided, with the exception of a fanwork piece, were broken with a 404 error. I did some digging (which wasn't really digging it was more like a layer of dust I brushed away) and found that the comic Earthsong was revamped with a new style.

Also, it's been completed.

I have no idea what differences there are storywise, however, because the old comic is gone. There is one difference I noticed from reading the review is that there's no longer an apology for the quality of the art. So that's a step up, right?

I checked the forum befor making this topic just in case someone else had noticed this, but it seems Earthsong's revamp went unnoticed. I wanted to bring attention to this because I believe it warrants another review. Hopefully Miss Yates improved the story too.
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Apr 24 17 4:07 PM

Okay so I've read some of it and it's pretty stiff, the story is stiff and the characters' movements are stiff. There's no real fluidity from what I can see so far

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