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May 9 17 11:46 AM

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Not sure how many people have heard of this one, but I really like this comic:

It's the one gag-a-day comic I frequently turn back to. It's also a poster child for doing antromorphic animals the right way. The author tried doing a furry cast ensemble, but figured that it would be detrimental to the comic (this was before he would even bother publicizing it) so he just cut it out and stuck with the original bug. Even though the characters are only slightly more detailed than stick figures, unlike XKCD, Bug Martinis characters feel a lot more... 'human' (put in quotation marks since they still are bugs) in the way they are drawn. It's humor is also a lot more acceptable for the average person, unlike XKCD, which focuses on obscure humor only fact nerds (the people who play trivia quizzes) can laugh at.

In short, I love this comic. It also has an absolutely insane update schedule with new comics appearing almost every other day.
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