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May 25 17 4:25 AM

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So yeah, a romantic scroll down webtoon webcomic with lesbians. Nothing original there.
The thing that cought my eye however was the really interesting setting. In short, it's the future and everyone can use easy accesible mods to change anything about there looks and I mean anything! Hair color, ethnicity, spiky elf ears etc. You can imagine it they probably got it in the back of the shop.
The only peopel who can't use the mods are the ones with genetic barriers or something like that.

This really got me interested, I mean a world where people can completle change there aperence on a whim without any concequences. Besids needing money to buy the stuff.
Our two main characters is a moder chick and a girl who cant use them. It just demands to explore the difrences between the moded and un moded.

Exept that we get a bland and cutesy lesbian love story. Also gays seam to be like 80% of this worlds population.

Am I just overexagerating here? Or does anybody else feel that untaped potential?
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May 26 17 1:59 AM

first observation: I hate the art style. its not quite animu or tumblr - but like a mix. it has perpetually red/blushy noses,

it has background music, this makes me hate it more

also, the writing: in the very first chapter: ok, so a lesbo sees another woman who looks busy and whatnot. apparently this makes her brave? really? brave, how?

Its like everyone who called Caitlyn Jenner 'stunning and brave' - same thing here, apparently this woman is stunning and brave just because she's... standing there?

oh and of course she bursts into tears the next moment, because... stupid unexplained reasons

as for untapped potential?

ya, I guess with that art style the artist could be doing better. the writing is shit, that doesn't have much potential. So, its a mixed bag.

like, when the blue one finally gets around to asking the pink one out, there isn't even any doubt that the other one is lesbian. the pink's one's objection is simply "but I don't know you" - which IMO is quite the reach

so no, this reads like really low-key girl dates girl not-quite-erotica in a utopic setting, with lots of touchy feely bullshit,

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