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May 28 17 7:02 AM

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This isn't a review, but I didn't know where else to put it. The Contact page looks severly out of date, and was probably hasn't been modified since the inception of the wiki. Three of the listed members I have never even seen before. One is even outright stated to be inactive. The table used to show the names of the admins looks like garbage. I think this page needs a rewrite to be more up to date with active members, if only for the spectacle if not to be informative.
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May 31 17 7:32 PM

I think that's part of the joke with John Solomon giving rise to The Luigiian (and ultimately this place) in the This Webcomic is Bad and You Should Feel Bad days (much against his wishes if his thoughts on the matter are anything to go by) and then he went to pass the reins over to oddguy, who's hanging on (at least just at the moment). Of the others, I haven't seen MakarovJAC since late 2015 and most of the others not at all apart from the obvious still active members.

I'd say leave it mostly alone (as in don't delete any names) but if the mods agree, add the new ones as applicable (so on top of oddguy and Long Tom ... add Smash, plarblman and izzus - I think that's everyone currently on the mod squad) and yes, the format could be cleaned up a bit.

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