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May 29 17 3:51 AM

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I usually just browse this forum because the criticism I see passed around has helped me quite a bit with getting my own projects started, but I decided making an account to post this comic here would be worth it. It's a little over 100 pages long, so I hope I'm not too early in throwing it here. 

I feel like it's pretty bad. The story and character logic/reasonings seem to contradict themselves or change for no real reason every other page (sometimes on the same page), and the art is just abysmal for somebody who I think is supposed to be a professional artist or something. He doesn't draw like one in my opinion so idk if that's true or not. It's often hard (for me anyway) to understand what order panels are supposed to be read in, and the artist does this thing where he writes cryptic/edgy messages in a really low opacity in various places in the comic that're really difficult to see unless you take it into an image editor and bump the contrast.

The lore itself seems to immediately falls apart when you question it at all. Just read this about page and I think you'll see what I mean:

It basically boils down to (in my understanding) any wish you've ever given up on has contributed to the destruction of the universe because stars are wishes and abandoned wishes become black holes because dark matter, and Starwarriors are supposed to... stop that somehow? I think? It says in the comic they don't actually grant wishes but then it immediately says they do grant wishes so I have no idea what their role is actually supposed to be, since we haven't actually seen it yet. 

The artist also spoils his own comic constantly. There are characters and places that haven't even shown up in the story properly yet who I already know what they look like and what their names are, and that's not going to improve at all because apparently for all of next month he's going to be posting lore information so people can make their own starwarrior fan characters instead of just letting the comic show us how that works. 

I can't tell how old the main character is supposed to be, either. She acts like a very young child when the comic starts, and I assumed she couldn't be mentally older than 9 or 10 (she's a feral fox), but when she gets transformed into a proper furry, her body is that of either a young adult or a teenager. So that's. Weird, I guess. And the only other character we've spent any real time with is a super cliche and boring southern hick stereotype, but with a giant magic sword that just appears.

Also the typos are pretty bad and sometimes the wording is... awkward? Like in a "I don't think this guy speaks English as a first language" sort of way. He's Canadian I think so maybe he actually speaks French mainly? I don't know, sentences like, "It's the wish that human destroyed from us," are pretty ehh. Either way, it shouldn't be hard to find someone to proofread. I'm sure he has English speaking friends.

There's definitely planning going into it, but nothing feels like it's been properly fleshed out at all, and I want to see what you guys think of it. Is this comic bad?

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#2 [url]

May 30 17 8:10 PM

Thank you for the welcome!

I'm sorry if the length of this post is bad; I just didn't want my first post to be, "I hate-read this comic because it's such a trainwreck; what do you guys think?" lol, I wanted to give actual points.

Also I noticed as of today he doesn't just hide cryptic crap at low opacities; he hides what seems like actual important details too: In the darkness in the last panel there's a skinned fox head hiding.

I think he's trying to do what FNAF's marketing does, and there it's fine, but it just doesn't work in a comic. 

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May 30 17 11:21 PM

oh no - I've written far longer rants about shitty comics

trust me, hate-reading comics is VERY common here.

...and now the joker is hiding crap in the comic? how delightful

Ok, here's what you do: Set up an account on the wiki itself, copy over the review template into your Talk page, and start writing up your review - and link it back here. that's how it usually goes when you want to start on something here

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#4 [url]

May 31 17 12:39 AM

Oh man he hides crap everywhere. And it's all worthless. I don't even think it counts as an easter egg because it's not even interesting.

And there's more. And I'm sure there's going to continue to be more. It adds nothing at best and seems to be a spoiler at worst.

I think I am going to do that, make the page myself. I'm just waiting for a little more input from others I guess before I decide it's really earned its place here. Because people seem to like it enough that it almost has $500 on patreon and I guess that's making me wary of whether or not it truly is bad. I'm not super confident, as you can see, lol.

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#6 [url]

Jun 2 17 11:07 AM

I'm going to play devil's advocate and say the comic isn't bad, but can strive to improve more in time.

The points brought up here aren't enough in my fair opinion to be a full critique. In scope 100 pages really isn't enough to judge a full comic, it can give us an idea of scale/set up, but we still have yet to dive into the meat of the story. It's too early to say the least.

I'm not against someone hiding stuff in their comics. However I feel what the artist attempted for was to foreshadow, but it just comes acrossed as forced into a few areas. Looking passed what's hidden and focusing on the writing. I don't see the what's brought up as inconsistency,
but rather poor working and unexplained nuance. Time will only tell if these things will get addressed.

The art in some areas is pretty good while in a few others rushed and unpolished. The shading is good, but sometimes the panels can be cluttered. It's not godly, but it's decent enough to where you can tell what's going on.

I'd hold your tongues from use ad hominems so loosely. It massively devalue your critique and comes across more as nitpicks.

The fact alone, you brought him up as being Canadian, shat on him for wanting to give his fans something to do on the side while working on the comic. Even throwing out his patron out there, tells me you aren't seeing the forest for the trees, but just an excuse to throw dirt on someone who's still starting out.

A lot can be improved, but I feel if you really wanted to see it do so, you'd contact the writer first. Instead of low browing it on a site which holds much, much worse content like gore porn, child rape comics and so on.

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#7 [url]

Jun 3 17 10:51 AM

Strange for CNC's first post.

But I agree, this is too soon to draw conclusions on this comic; I sugess that you give it more time to conclude its current arc before you review it. Though, the only thing that bugs me are the X-over comics that they put between pages (the cameos in the prequels doesn't help either).

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#8 [url]

Jun 3 17 1:36 PM

@Melonhead That's why I'm ignoring them lol. They come off as either the artist themself or a close friend white knighting.

The crossovers bother me too. One of the comics he crossovered with seems to have a section of their website dedicated to just crossovers and extra stuff. If he wants to do a lot of crossovers I think he should borrow that idea and sequester them off somewhere else on his website, and maybe do the same to the bonus Starwarrior patreon comics too he's been doing lately. They're in the way. Or maybe just leave them on patreon and release them when they aren't spoiling something anymore. 

The cameos are pointless and make me roll my eyes. It'd be nice if they were characters that would show up in the comic again later, but instead they're someone else's property or real people.

There are things that I don't think will be solved by waiting for the arc to resolve that bother me is the thing. Like the part where Ezmeralda crash lands into the planet, doesn't care at all, but then a couple pages later she gets a smack on the snoot and suddenly she's questioning where the pain is when the focus should be on the discovery of her own corpse. He ignored lore for the sake of a joke with that one, that's bad writing imo, and I don't think waiting until the end of the arc will fix it. Like if I cratered my face into Earth and it didn't hurt I'd immediately be questioning that, I wouldn't wait. 

And the thing is he could've still had the crashland joke. Just have her ask about the pain after she gets up from her landing, so that way it'd be both a joke, and a way to learn something about how a Starwarrior physically(?) works. Functional jokes are good. And then there'd be no need to go weirdly off topic and distract from the more emotional moment when she finds her own dead body. It's ridiculous how easy it would've been to smooth this out and keep the reader in the moment but he didn't take the time to think about it and do it. Awkward isn't better, but he went with awkward.

There were also a LOT of things during Emmy's ascention / transformation / just before the trial that seemed contradictory every other page but I really don't want to read that again right now to pull it apart lol so maybe later

I do have many, many other points that are more story related and don't line up, but I guess you're right; I'll wait until this arc wraps up and see if any of them still hold. Until then I guess this thread exists.

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#9 [url]

Jun 3 17 10:49 PM

So my points are invalid just because that was my first post? Rather ironic considering the lack of posts you've made just trying to shit on this comic.
I consider Starwarriors okay at best, nothing to write off home but not horrible either.

A lot of your points still stand as personal nitpicks, such as with the crossovers and cameos. They are just seen as extra content, nothing to ruffle a feather at.
I do agree a functional joke would have been a lot more fun to follow, and while that isn't what we get, it's still not ground breakingly bad.
The comic itself could benefit from not being weekly, but rather take it's time fleshing out core aspects.

I really do want to see what you find as contradictory since I am rather curious. Feel like fair points can be made, but I as of right now am only seeing a lot of minor nitpicks, and things that have nothing to do with the core comic itself.

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#10 [url]

Jun 3 17 11:07 PM

Look, people just hash out things here in the forums on top of such things as whether there should even be a review, let alone what's in it which is what is going on in this thread specifically.

What goes into the final product and even if there is a final product is a whole other story.

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#11 [url]

Jun 4 17 12:29 PM

If my first post is bad then so be it lol, it's my first post. I'm legitimately trying to contribute for the first time instead of just read, and wanted my first post here to be a thread about a comic I think is already not great and isn't going to get better.

You, though, are acting like I'm making a personal attack on the author when actually I barely know anything about him except for what's on the internet and have never spoken to him before. I don't care about him.

But I think his comic is poorly presented and boring, I feel like he's - somehow gone his whole life - without seeing what a human hand looks like (not to mention he seems to change his mind pretty frequently regardinghow many fingers his characters should have sometimes even on the same page, other times on different - pages which is a lot more common) and all I want is for other people to discuss that with me. This seems to be the place to do that.

  • I'm not here to prove to some angry rando who's obviously tied to the author somehow that it's bad because 1. that sucks and 2. my one, single opinion doesn't matter that much and I literally just said I'll lay off until the arc concludes anyway, because that's what Melonhead  suggested to me here and I decided they had a point. 
  • I'll pick this thread back up again when the arc is over because I'm not here with malicious intent and I'm not here to just aimlessly "shit on this comic" as you keep claiming I am.
  • There's a chance some of the crap I have beef with will be cleared up by the end of the arc and I want to give the comic a chance to do that before I really start bringing that out, because I looked over my points and decided, "Huh, maybe this could be cleared up by the end of chapter 3. Better give it a chance."

Just because I'm talking about it here doesn't mean there's going to be an article, too, there are a lot of dead threads here and a lot of comics that never get articles. Everyone else might decide it's not actually that bad and that it shouldn't have an article, which, okay fine. No skin off my ass, I'm just happy I could talk to other people about it.

That's why I put this thread in the "Is this comic bad?" section and not the most wanted list. I'm literally asking other people if they think it's bad. You clearly think it's not, which, cool, good for you, but I want more opinions other than your clearly biased one. 

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#12 [url]

Jun 4 17 12:43 PM

You can start putting forward a proposal for initial assessment anytime from now. Threshold is typically about 50 pages and 6 months run time minimum. If your argument is good enough, a mod will give you the go ahead. General counter-argument, if 100 pages hasn't hooked a reader into the story, there may be an issue.

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#13 [url]

Jun 4 17 3:08 PM

Good first post. This comic is pretty terrible. The writing is confused, the author jumps from subject to subject in the world-building without actually completing anything, and a surprising amount of it makes no sense. Apparently the humans are committing fox genocide in order to win a contest? What? One of the hunters just managed to figure out that instead of just shooting foxes they should be selling the furs? What? Star Guardians Starwarriors can grant guard grant wishes "make wishes come true" guard wishes but we can't be told how?

This comic is going nowhere and it's both been around long enough and has enough pages to review. I say have at it.

ChickenNuggerChild wrote:
I'd hold your tongues from use ad hominems so loosely. It massively devalue your critique and comes across more as nitpicks.
Which reviews have you been reading, entirely trustworthy stranger / long-time reader?


Issues composing posts in Yuku's editor?  See this guide to using BBCode.

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#15 [url]

Jun 6 17 12:11 AM

LamborghiniEggRoll wrote:
Thank you.

I'll get started on a proto review when I get a chance, and then link it here for you all to look at when I'm finished.

Here's your starter kit.

Create an account on the Wiki if you haven't done so already (this is Yuku forums, that is Shoutwiki so you need two separate accounts).

Assuming you go with the same name, your sandbox will be here.

Introductory stuff here:

Copy and paste the official template into your sandbox as the backbone for your review.

Once you're ready to have a mod look at your work, make it known in this thread and one of them will have a look and suggest either publication or edits. Rinse and repeat the latter if indicated until clearance for entry into the Wiki. 

It helps to look at other forum threads that led to reviews as well as other reviews on the Wiki to get an idea of how people have done things. Items from the main page New Reviews list are often good as they're closest to how things are currently done as opposed to some of the older ones.

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