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Playing With Fire is a yaoi-romance Invader Zim fancomic. The comic stars Zim and Dib and focuses on developing their "romance", even though the two characters were mortal enemies in the original cartoon. It's pretty terrible.
The comic is allegedly still ongoing, but hasn't been updated since 2016. The comic can be found on her website, or on DeviantART (although many of the "next page" links are broken due to the original images violating DA's no hanky-pank policy).

Good things about the comic:
Bad things about the story/characters: Bad things about the art:

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#3 [url]

OP - in case the two above posts weren't enough, then you at least have two votes in support of that comic being well worth a spot on the wiki

if one of the mods can find their time to have a peek and ok you, then you can go ahead and copy a review template into your wiki user page and start writing the review there

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Alright then! :D Thanks for your input!

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#7 [url]

So she's playing up on percieved Fo-yay, huh?

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