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A Mary Sue gadget genius "superhero" who fights the evil of anyone disagreeing with her or thinking that her inventions could help other humans. Her most "challenging"  enemies only come about because she's shit at keeping her gadgets from falling into the "wrong" hands. "Wrong" in this case being anyone who isn't as special and smart as her. Because if you're not a genius like her (as in smart enough to invent more advanced stuff than you'd find in Star Trek (but not like Star Trek, because that's "unrealistic")), you're incompetent and unworthy.
Has a habit of (through her Mary Sueness insuring the universe always meets her needs) condemning enemies to fates worse than death because she "doesn't kill." Because (sarcasm alert) mind rape, being trapped forever alone in an isolated dimension, or fading out of existence isn't crueler than getting your head bashed in by Mind Mistress's "Plot Convenience Power Staff."
And the comic says smart people having sex with average people is the same as bestiality.
The art looks like somebody you didn't like shoved construction paper and dulled tinfoil into your eye sockets. And the website is an absolute eyesore.

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#1 [url]

I have read the whole comic - its a while ago, but I do remember most of it

The comic is a strange mix of almost silver-age logic, and very modern attempts at hard sci-fi.

Its about an almost functional retarded girl, who - through a locket with some fancy super tech from her dead parents or something - gets the abilty to temporarily get an IQ of +9000.

her first challenge is to perfect the technology, because the brainiac-effect comes with a generous dose of brain tumors.

I would honestly put Mindmistress in a similar category to CloudScratchers @ - its a strangely cutesy comic, trying very hard to be very nice in how it conducts its adventures.

Sure, after perfecting the "become a super genius" on/off switch so it doesn't kill her, she ends up developing all kinds of mary-sue grade super tech. nano-fabrication tech, bio-genesis creatures that can make custom new organic stuff on command... and a staff that can do fuck near anything the plot requires.

still, I don't consider it that mary sue-ish. The villains she goes up against are quite varied and occationally they even outsmart the heroine - usually by being more deceptive than genius

and yes, there is a lot of stuff in the comic about how people with superior intelligence can or shouldn't treat people of lesser intelligence. A normie to a retard, mindmistress to a normie, and so on.

Hell, there is an entire chapter about Mindmistress daydreaming - but because she's so super intelligent she basically gets lost in her own imagination.

and yes, the art is "sketchy" - but its also consistent, and it suits the comic IMO.

Ultimately, I'm tempted to compare the comic's writing to stuff like Doc Savage and old pulp fiction. and its also reasonably clear that the maker of the comic is better at writing stories than drawing them.

Honestly I'm not sure this is a bad comic. Its a strange and quirky one, but its IMO not offensive. The stuff that happens to the villains are usually due to the villains own actions, like using "walk through walls" shit, but then it fucks up and you're trapped forever in an immaterial realm, unable to interact with the physical realm.

that said, the art is hilariously bad at places: - top fucking kek on the top right one. Though arguably the worst thing about the art is the shit coloring.

Oh and it should also be noted: the comic is finished - its just doing "reruns" of its comics on the front page.

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#2 [url]

It seems pretty boring, I'll give you that. The art looks a LOT like its traced. I don't know if I'd call it awful. The navigation is pretty terrible, though. Do you have any links to particularly bad pages? Maybe make the case for why it needs a review with examples?


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#3 [url]

One of the problems with the webpage is that it's shit at accessing the archived comics, but here goes:
Mindmistress mind rapes an enemy with blackmail material into thinking she's a spider to stop her from spilling:
Keep in mind she's got "most definitely not magic" gadgets, so she could have put her into a coma, given her amnesia, or could have just let the courts handle it. But nope, the bad guy insulted her so she gets mind raped.

And then there's the story arc where Mindmistress is the compared to the Biblical god and her Mary Sueness fully explored. I can't find it because the archive system is complete shit, but it was the one with the immortality giving sentient bacteria. I think the story arc demonstrates exactly what makes MM so bad. (here's the entire arc: Let me explain:

The woman MM mindraped babbles, one of the villains for the arc overheard. There's sentient immorality giving bacteria where each one is a person. MM invented them and then stuck them in a sealed jar because she makes wonder tech just for shits and giggles. She didn't know they were sentient, long story short they infest people and a house and try to keep people away from them using Scooby-Doo level tricks. MM says immortality is wrong because it would result in overpopulation and stagnation. Keep that in mind for latter. Anyway a priest friend of hers gets pulled into it by the villains, which is used as an excuse to cram bible passages that sort of relate to what's happening in the comic with MM as god. The bacteria have weapons they can use against humans if they're threatened (keep in mind their entire species is in the house and considering how small a bacteria is there's billions of them), which MM says obviously means they're planning to attack humanity. (Sarcasm mode) because weapons are never meant to be a deterrent.

After using her superior mental mind powers, MM beats them all. Because she’s invincible. As in her gadgets and knowledge of applied physics and biology mean there was never any challenge to begin with. Ever. Then through technobabble she shoves them all inside one of the villains and strands him for eternity in an empty alternate Earth because she refuses to (completely) genocide the bacteria. She does this while comparing herself to god expelling Adam and Eve. The bacteria are completely okay with their version of Hitler saying they got off easy and putting expelling them from their homes after committing genocide. It’s like the Native Americans saying “no big deal” immediately after the Trail of Tears and having Christianity forced on them as an added insult (not insulting Christianity, just saying that forcing religion on others is wrong).

Now let me explain why this is bullshit. MM invented something she herself said was wrong, improperly stored it, and then only cleaned up her mess when it got out of hand. Keep in mind the bacteria were using human hosts against their will (although it was the only way to protect their entire population from destruction). MM destroyed the bacteria while fighting even when she had already shown herself to have infinite gadget abilities. Then at the end of it she said that the guy who cut a deal with the bacteria was evil and had betrayed humanity. Which (as I’ve said) she considers animals compared to her. By the comic creator’s own reasoning that’s hypocrisy of the highest caliber. So she shoved the bacteria remaining from her genocide into him and put him on an alternate Earth forever. Keep in mind the bacteria grant immortality, so the guy will be going insane from isolation until that Earth’s sun burns out. It had already been proven the bacteria could survive in other large animals, and she’d mind-wiped his henchmen, so this was pretty much the Biblical god condemning someone to eternal damnation. BOW BEFORE MINDMISTRESS THE ONE TRUE GOD AND MARY SUE OF ALL THE UNIVERSES!!!!!

Also she’d invented a bulletproof vest that means you’ll never get shot. She’d left it half-finished, meaning it killed whoever wore it. She then fixed it for the priest friend to wear. Keep in mind MM’s repeated claims that humans would misuse her inventions. She’s got access to infinite resources, so everybody could have a vest making you immune to bullets. Do you know who’d love one of those? Everyone. Do you know how you could misuse it? …I really don’t see it. But that’s fine, because MM’s buddy Foresight can see the future. (sarcasm mode) Except he does it “scientifically” so it’s not an asspull to justify MM’s every action. He says the apocalypse will be caused by normal people and MM went to an alternate universe where her inventions were released and ruined everything.

(Sarcasm mode) so MM is completely right, making it so people aren’t starving, getting murdered, dying of mundane illnesses, etc. would be EVIL!!!!! Except it wouldn’t. If the population gets too large, move some of them to the ALTERNATE, EMPTY EARTHS THAT HAVE BEEN PROVEN TO EXIST. It’s beyond lazy writing, it seems like every other part of it is an excuse plot for why MM has power but no responsibility. This is “Video Game Religion” level Mary Sueness. It’s all the bullshit of Strong Female Protagonist, except the designated hero doesn’t have to change and the protagonist centered morality is treated as if it’s baked into the universe. And they changed out SFP’s pseudo-social justice screeds for “saying why MM is right while barely making it believable it’s characters saying it” screeds.

Side note about the bestiality part: MM all but says she’s more than human. Even if she’s mentally and physically better, she’s still human. It ties back to the whole “MM is the Ubermensch/GOD” thing I talked about.

(About the spider mind rape reply): See the part above about the non-rape alternatives.

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#5 [url]

sweet jesus Zorn - format that wall of text please

you know, paragraphs and shit - it hurts to look at

as for the spider mind-rape: yes. she did that to a villain who was trying to reveal MM's secret identity and exploit her super-tech - and who was unrepentant about it, so she shouldn't be made to stop otherwise. Doesn't mean that MM is good or bad in doing it, but it is her style in the comic: you fuck with her, she'll fuck with you and make sure you can't anymore

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#7 [url]

This comic has crossed my mind a few times as a candidate for this wiki. I have not read much of it, because I quickly decided I didn't like it at all. I just read up to the point where she got the super intelligence, figured out the cure to her newfound tumors, and then went on to defeat her first villain. Maybe I read through the second adventure as well, I didn't remember. Anyway, at the beginning of her second or thrid adventure, I checked out. Most of the serious issues that were discussed above, I didn't even get to see. Two reasons I didn't like Mindmistress: I didn't like how it looks, and, well, the second one needs a little explanation.

Mindmistress is a very bad example of the overpowered superhero. She is capable of anything -invincibility, super strength, mind reading, super speed, whatever ability you could expect of a superhero, MM has it, and will spontaneously have it as plot requires. I realized that this would be the case early on and quit reading. What made it worse is that everything comes from just being intelligent enough. If you are intelligent enough you can make an invincibility device, or a mind reading device, or a teleporter, or a gizmo to make you breathe water, or a super speed serum. And on and on. It's like the adage that any sufficiently advanced technology being indistinguishable from magic. If the source of her powers was magic, or she had them just because, well, she'd be no worse than Superman. In this case, everything is a cop-out or a deus ex machina, and I cannot stop thinking "no amount of intelligence will help you with this."

I LOVED the plot idea where she gets this superintelligence, but it comes with tumors, but her uncle (or someone like that) still gave it to her figuring she could make a cure in time with the superintelligence. Loved that idea, but how did you even get the parts or materials to do anything in that little time?

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#8 [url]

Good point Bob

Mindmistress has a very... what's a good word for it - comic book plot-resolution issue?

Like, there are very few long-term villains in the comic. There's the one mercenary dude who somehow keeps eluding her because he just blows up everything, but beyond that damn near every villain and opponent she comes up against she either fixes or defeats within that same arc...

you know, like saturday cartoonts: the villain of the week.

That said, compared to so many other comics - then I don't really find her way of resolving or defeating her challenges that bad. Oh sure, she's overpowered, but IMO it doesn't always come off as nearly that bad or blatant

the above isn't meant as a defense of the comic. I just mean, there are other comics that do or did villain of the week, defeating scores of bad guys, without it seeming that bad.

and honestly, sometimes her methods of solving things do get creative (still overpowered, but creative)

In arc 6 - horrible thoughts: - the big bad is a woman who 'fell out' of her space/time portal tube, and go partially merged with some kind of trans-dimensional soul leech. Its straight up silver age comic style, going from action beat to action beat, and it is about as silly and confusing as it gets

my point is, the style - the pseudo-silver age simplicity of it all, its... I'm tempted to compare it to batman, the old adam west style batman, where batman always has his shark repelant or some other gadget, or a clever but silly solution to things - even if it involves a bit of fighting.

that's why I don't really consider MM written that badly. she is overpowered, but the style of the comic makes it fit.

like, in arc 9 - miraculous mindset (all the arcs are named after mind/thinking puns)
Here she goes up against another super genius villain who recruits cripples and gains their loyalty by curing them through super-tech, and she ends up in a jungle with no tech, nothing, except a bio-machine that can create custom lifeforms... and a sharp stick

sure, she beats the bad guy anyway - but it reads like pulp fiction. The good guy (or girl here) always has a solution, because... next villain of the week, done, next one.

sure, its not a terribly thrilling style of writing - but I would argue that it is more bland than bad

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#9 [url]

Well, I am pretty sure I wouldn't be able to get past the way just being immensely intelligent let her do anything, but the plots may have gotten more interesting after the first 1-2 villains. I didn't wait to find out.

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#10 [url]

fair enough

I blame the messy art style: It gets a little better over time, but it is painfully obvious that whoever made it didn't prioritize clean art nearly as much as he or she prioritized molesting his science textbooks to come up with techno-babble for the dialogue

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